Departure at the foot of the Eiffel Tower
Optional: The Incollables® booklet for 7/12 year olds
cruise on the Seine with the Bateaux Parisiens

From : 9€ 7,50€ VAT INCLUDED

Strong points

  • Discounted tickets
  • An audio commentary especially for children 8 to 12 years old
  • Tickets are undated and valid for 6 months from the date of purchase
  • You can use your ticket on the cruise of your choice, without reservation.
  • The boats are air-conditioned

Bateaux-Parisiens Route

  • The Promenade cruise route during the day and evening allows to admire the Grand Palais, the Place de la Concorde and the National Assembly, the Musée d'Orsay, the Louvre, conciergewalk from the Hôtel de Ville to Notre Dame. Turn around at the Institut du Monde Arabe
  • The route is a loop return to the starting point (Port de la Bourdonnaisat the foot of Eiffel Tower)
  • The boats (about 300 seats) are equipped open deck for sunny days. When it is cool or raining, the lower part of the boat (120 seats) is covered, totally glazed and heated when it is cold
  • Audio commentaries are in several languages
  • Optional : a booklet Les Incollables® for 7/12 year olds

Bateaux-Parisiens Schedules

  • Until September 29 : a departure approximately every half-hour between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. (until 10 p.m. at the end of March)
  • Show up about 20 minutes before departure
  • May 21, 24, 28 and 29: opening at 1:30 p.m.
  • May 27: opening at 2 p.m.
  • June 11, 13, 19 and 20: opening at 1:30 p.m.
  • June 17: opening at 2 p.m.
  • from Saturday, July 20, 2024 to vWednesday, July 26, 2024 all-day closing
  • July 27: opening at 2 p.m.
  • July 28 to August 11: opening at 1:30 p.m.
  • August 12 to August 27: open all day from 10am to 11pm (departures every half-hour)
  • August 28 to September 8: opening at 1:30 p.m.

Bateaux Parisiens Rate

  • Reduced rate (from 7.50€)
  • Free for children under 4

Useful information

  • duration : 1 hour
  • Departure and return Port de la Bourdonnais, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower
  • The boats are air-conditioned
  • Flexible tickets (not dated, not time stamped), valid for 6 months
  • If needed, Contact us by email

The Incollables® cruise (for children aged 7 to 11)

  • For children from 7 to 11 years oldBateaux Parisiens has set up a partnership with Les Incollables®.
  • They created together a Les Incollables® fan "The Seine and its secrets".
  • Les Incollables® "The Seine and its secrets" is composed of 7 cards with 36 questions/answers about Paris and the Seine. Children will discover Paris and its monuments with their eyes: the Grand Palais, the Place de la Concorde and the National Assembly, the Musée d'Orsay, the Louvre, the Conciergerie, the Hôtel de Ville and Notre Dame...
  • They will learn even more with the Quizzes of their Incollable®. They will play, think, test themselves...
  • Where can I get the Incollables® fan? Parents must present their ticket at the ticket office (even if they already have their tickets). The ticket office is now located on the quay, in front of the Bistro Parisien (pontoon 2).
  • Incollable® rate: 3.50€ to be added to the price of the child ticket

Find the list of our reviews

Star Star Star Star Star - A lovely stroll along the Seine
Written by Anne-Marie Tousch, 01-06-2024

The loop follows an interesting path, taking in the main monuments along the Seine between the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame. Too bad: the commentary is only available via an app, and the connection is poor. Apparently you also need the app to use the Wifi on board, so I finally gave up on the commentaries. The kids really enjoyed the quiz.

Star Star Star Star Star - TB
Written by Monique Champagne , 15-05-2024


Star Star Star Star Star - Information to be improved
Written by Sandra Pageau, 22-04-2024

We arrived just in time for the last departure, after running to be on time. We showed our ticket to your employee who was managing the queue of people. He told us we were on the wrong boat and sent us running to the other end... came back out of breath because better informed by another employee six boats down, only to have the boat leave at 9:35... We were also disappointed by the lack of commentary on board the boat. Although we hadn't taken the audio guide, we were expecting a bit of commentary, which was almost non-existent apart from a happy birthday song for a passenger. We were disappointed.

Star Star Star Star Star - Activity not performed and awaiting reimbursement
Written by Marie-Laure Challant, 20-03-2024

I'd like to tell you that everything went smoothly, but it's impossible. I booked on 04/02/24 in the morning for 1 adult and 1 child but when we arrived on the quay in the early afternoon, an employee of Bateaux Parisiens informed us that the boats were at a standstill for an indefinite period due to the flooding of the Seine. She also advised us to contact you for a refund, as we wouldn't be able to use the tickets later (my little niece was moving back to the provinces). So I made the claim on your site, but so far have received neither a return nor a refund. As I haven't even received an acknowledgement of my complaint, I can't give you a higher rating. Bateaux Parisiens handled the customer problem well, but you didn't!

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Good afternoon, madam, I don't think I received your cancellation request. As the tickets are undated, we cannot know whether or not you took the cruise. Your complaint has been taken into account and naturally we have just reimbursed you for your purchase. Yours faithfully Familin'Paris

Star Star Star Star Star - Great family outing
Written by Linda Guegan , 03-19-2024

One-hour guided tour, suitable for children (including babies in strollers). There are wider spaces for strollers. The boat is almost entirely glazed, so the famous monuments are clearly visible. One small drawback (due to the weather) was that we weren't able to sail around Notre-Dame due to flooding on the Seine.

Star Star Star Star Star - High price for the service
Written by Alain OLIVIER, 02-02-2024

A lot of people in these boats, which doesn't allow you to fully enjoy the ride and the context. The audio information received by headphones could also be of better quality and more up-to-date... In short, it's all a bit expensive for what it is! I don't recommend it for children.

Star Star Star Star Star - A pleasant river cruise
Written by FRANCIS TIRTAINE, 11-01-2024

Even though the tour was cut short of the Ile de la Cité - Ile Saint Louis due to the reconstruction of Notre Dame, the company managed the crowds as well as possible from the moment they boarded, making for a very pleasant cruise.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun activity
Written by Marie-Amandine RAYNAL, 07-01-2024

Boat trip: a fun and interesting activity to do at night to enjoy the illuminated monuments! On the other hand, there's a lot of waiting to get on the boat, and no commentary if you can't scan the qr codes...too bad!

Star Star Star Star Star - Fly boats
Written by FREDERIc LALY BARAGLIOLI, on 25-11-2023

Very disappointing: no tour worthy of the name, QR codes not accessible to all, and booklets not at all related to the cruise.

Star Star Star Star Star - Parisian boat: the promenade cruise
Written by Nicole Reale, 15-10-2023

Excellent idea with children. You can see the buildings from afar, and get a first impression of Paris, its bridges and important monuments.

Star Star Star Star Star - Boat trip
Written by Brigitte Malinski, 13-10-2023

Very few explanations and absolutely nothing to arouse the children's curiosity ... yet the title of this cruise was "Les incollables"? No ?

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Hello, Madam, Les incollables consists of a booklet to be purchased in addition to the cruise (3.50€ per booklet). This booklet is a quiz for children to discover the monuments seen from the Seine.

Star Star Star Star Star - Walking cruise
Written by Claudie Roquefort, 22-09-2023

An hour's walk.

Star Star Star Star Star - Parisian boat cruise
Written by Raymond Medioni , 09-09-2023

Very bad experience Overbooked boat No comments during the cruise Unpleasant staff Would not recommend

Star Star Star Star Star - fine but...
Written by Pascale DE RUDDER, 24-08-2023

The comments given by the guide were very succinct. It was a pity to have to queue just to pick up the Incollables booklet when I already had my tickets. Otherwise I deplore the stupidity of the people who shout like idiots under the bridges despite the guide's insistent request not to shout!!!!

Star Star Star Star Star - too many people
Written by Fabrice dami, 24-08-2023

far too many people. Waiting at least 45 to 60 minutes with no guarantee of getting on the next boat, in very hot weather with 2 small children, I gave up! You offer many activities that are not part of mass tourism, which is great. Perhaps this activity should be removed from your catalog?

Star Star Star Star Star - Parisian boats
Written by Antonietta Schurmann, 04-04-2023

Too many people on the boat, explanations not very audible, moreover I could not have the book "les incollable", too many people at the cash registers.

Star Star Star Star Star - Medium
Written by Marcel QUINOT, on 11-03-2023

No commentary throughout the course. The initiation games for the children, not very playful.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good
Written by Hanane Halloumi , on 25-02-2023

Excursion to do with family or with two

Star Star Star Star Star - Cruise on the Seine
Written by Emmanuel CENCIAI, on 23-02-2023

To do, the cruise on the Seine allows to see Paris under another angle. Small drawback: the wait (more than 1h30!! fortunately the weather was good) and too bad we had taken the supplement "les Incollables" for our children but did not see the color...

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Hello, Attention, you have to take the Incollables out of the cash register The Familin'Paris Team

Star Star Star Star Star - Parisian boat
Written by Eloise Siret, on 26-12-2022


Star Star Star Star Star - Beautiful cruise
Written by Marie WILLOCQ, on 30-11-2022

Pleasant stroll on the Seine, to discover the main monuments of Paris, accompanied by an audio in the form of a dialogue. Possibility to go outside to take pictures.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Myriam RICHOL, on 25-11-2022

Very pleasant, the comments were interesting and relevant. The team during the waiting time was very friendly. In short, a great family outing.

Star Star Star Star Star - We have to go!
Written by Danielle Gauvreau, 21-11-2022

Superb explanatory cruise It's really worth it!

Star Star Star Star Star - Always nice!
Written by Annie SOENEN, on 17-11-2022

It's a pleasure, this cruise on the Seine and my 8 years old niece was happy to learn a lot of things about the capital she was visiting for the first time! To do and do again...

Star Star Star Star Star -  
Written by Anne-Sophie joskin, on 16-11-2022

Star Star Star Star Star - Walking cruise
Written by Francine VIEHE, 14-11-2022

Lots of people, comments on the audio-guides out of sync with the visible monuments, live comments from a member of the crew (due to a breakdown) that interfered with the understanding of the audio-guides.

Star Star Star Star Star - ..
Written by Nicolas Delzant, on 10-11-2022

Impossible to connect to the site to have the comments

Star Star Star Star Star - The untold stories October 26
Written by veronique MABY, 06-11-2022

This cruise was presented as a family kit cruise, therefore intended for children, but I found the comments uninteresting and more than limited. I was with two of my grandchildren, 9 and 10 years old, and fortunately I know this part of Paris well, which allowed me to give them some explanations, otherwise, except that the cruise is very pleasant despite a very crowded boat, it has no cultural interest and has no link with the "incollables"! I was very disappointed. Nothing to do with one I did three years ago with another company for children of this age and very instructive.

Star Star Star Star Star - Cruise
Written by Elise CLERC-BARNABÉ, 01-11-2022

It's a pity that the cruise is not commented when we are on the floor.

Star Star Star Star Star - Walking cruise
Written by Tereza Diogo, on 14-10-2022

We sat in the front of the boat in the outside part, the walk would have been more pleasant if disrespectful people had not hidden the view by standing in the front of the boat and hiding the view all along the cruise, impossible to see and take pictures even if you ask them please, these people did not move, it's disrespectful and it spoiled the walk for many people

Star Star Star Star Star - Walking cruise
Written by Jacqueline Acker Muller , 31-08-2022

Too bad that out of 8 audio guides only 2 worked and that to get the comments on the bridge, you have to connect with the smartphone

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good reception
Written by Antoine COQUAND, on 27-08-2022

With a person in a wheelchair we were very well received and accompanied during the trip!

Star Star Star Star Star - Stroll on the Seine
Written by Anne-Laurence PETIT, on 23-08-2022

It was super hot. Going on the upper deck is very interesting when you want to take pictures. The guide quotes the monuments, bridges and buildings etc... The idea of the audioguide on the cell phones is great because it allows to deepen in History what we see. To do!

Star Star Star Star Star - Cruise ship
Written by Mariam Lahoual, on 21-08-2022


Star Star Star Star Star - Parisian boat cruise
Written by Sophie Louvel, on 17-08-2022

Great time spent with family. Very nice staff, no waiting (Sunday morning at 11am). Nice ride

Star Star Star Star Star - Cruise
Written by Alice GILARDEAU, on 29-07-2022

Very nice cruise especially at night but I paid 3 Euros to have the game with the "incollables" for my daughter during the cruise but nobody knew what I was talking about when we embarked so 3 Euros lost... it's not very serious...

Star Star Star Star Star - Mixed
Written by Aude BESSON, on 29-07-2022

I took the tickets in order not to queue on the spot. Except that at the boarding, I was told that I had to go through the cashier. After 45 minutes of waiting (in the sun) at the cash desk, I was told that my tickets were valid...

Star Star Star Star Star - Walking cruise
Written by Francoise Depoid, on 19-07-2022

I deplore the near deletion of comments. The requirement to use a phone to get information sucks. Thanks for getting back to the human touch! Not at all satisfied.

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice walk!
Written by Marie Michèle Tisseur, on 14-07-2022

Very good, expectation quite correct.

Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent trip on a very beautiful boat.
Written by Thibishan Srivasanthan, on 11-07-2022

An activity to do I recommend

Star Star Star Star Star - Parisian boat
Written by Dior Diatta, on 05-06-2022

Nice experience

Star Star Star Star Star - the walking cruise
Written by Florence Duarte, on 22-05-2022

Very well

Star Star Star Star Star - Fly boat
Written by Christine Duplouy, on 20-05-2022

I found the comments on the monuments a little light, especially in front of the concierge desk, no announcement, a real shame

Star Star Star Star Star - Walking cruise
Written by Claudine Baldeyrou, on 17-05-2022

Very long waiting time No explanations along the way I had bought the children's booklet and never got it. Absolutely not recommended!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great guide!
Written by Marie SERRE, on 14-05-2022

Our guide was super nice and very kind to answer the children's questions!

Star Star Star Star Star - Family cruise
Written by ANNICK HAUTEFORT, on 14-05-2022

Good tour, interesting comments. To be recommended

Star Star Star Star Star - Fly boat
Written by marion fonvieille, on 28-04-2022

Super nice because good weather and arrival in the first so nice places at the top

Star Star Star Star Star - Parisian boats: the promenade cruise
Written by Thierry Trossel, on 13-04-2022

Activity done at the beginning of December around 18:00 with 2 children of 10 years old. Really not to make in these conditions: long waiting under the wind and the rain, we do not see much of night since the inside of boats, the audiophones do not function all... in short, we were impatient to arrive, we were bored. It's a pity, we had a lot of hope on this walk since it was the first day of our first stay in Paris. It is not impossible that we do not try again a walk on the Seine, but of day and with sun.

Star Star Star Star Star - Magical!
Written by annelaure francillette, on 22-02-2022

It was really a great ride. The children were amazed! The return trip was done at night, which gave us another perspective. On the other hand very limited explanations. Take your cell phone to know in front of which building you are passing.

Star Star Star Star Star - River tour
Written by Martine .bardon, on 02-02-2022

It's a pity to have programmed this walk in winter! To be done again in the nice season

Star Star Star Star Star - Fly boat
Written by pauline deloubriere, on 16-01-2022

Very well organized, we shared a good time as a family, reserved the seats before practical and simple

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris by night
Written by AUDREY MARKEY on 16-01-2022

Small tour on the Seine in the late afternoon to admire the illuminations during the holidays. Very good time with the family. View on the beautiful monuments of Paris, explanations all along the navigation. We loved it.

Star Star Star Star Star - cruise with 2 children
Written by Bernadette Degove, 16-01-2022

The children were very happy with their cruise despite the cold weather.

Star Star Star Star Star - Especially good for the view
Written by Jean-marc Sobral , 05-11-2020

Very nice tour in the heart of Paris. On the other hand for the audio guide can do better, not in phase with the place where the boat is and the explanations on the monuments are not of a good level : Too bad

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice
Written by Annick Wargnez , 13-08-2020

Of course.

Star Star Star Star Star - What a disappointment!
Written by Sophie Martin, 13-08-2020

More than 1h30 of waiting before the arrival of the boat to finally be told that it was not the right dock and of course nobody on the spot to ask for information! I strongly advise against it, it's so much easier with the riverboats...

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From : 9€ 7,50€ VAT INCLUDED

From : 9€ 7,50€ VAT INCLUDED

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