- At the Comédie Française -
  • WE love : Funny, lively, great vaudeville
  • Age: from 12 years old
  • Duration: Until July 25th
  • Location: Comédie française (Paris 1st)
Piece by Fedeau at the Comédie Française

The Free Trade Hotel or the mechanics of laughter

  • Revival of Feydeau's play directed by Isabelle Nanty
  • "Security and discretion! Hotel du Libre-Échange, 220, rue de Provence ! Recommended for married people... together or separately!"
  • When Mrs. Pinglet, outraged by this advertisement, reads it to her husband? who has just given a date to his neighbor?s wife? the wife of his neighbor? neither of them imagines that they will all unexpectedly meet there the following night. unexpectedly the following night...
  • Funny and lively, great vaudeville
  • Wonderful actors in a very funny direction by Isabelle Nanty

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