Musical show nominated for the P'tits Molière 2017

theater piece for children in Paris

WE love
the energy of this piece inspired by the Thousand and One Nights
Age:  for 5 - 12 years old
Duration:  Until December 5 (Saturdays at 3pm)
Location:   Studio Hébertot Theater (Paris 17th)

Aladdin, the Prophecy: a joyful show full of energy

  • plunge in the heart of the Arabian Nights in a show mixing theater, singing and stage combat!
  • Once upon a time, in Persia, there was Aladdin, a Sultan, a Grand Vizier and a beautiful princess...
  • Children will find Aladdin, a young man of the people, charming and mischievous, and Yasmine, a rebel and intrepid who dreams of freedom far from her father's palace... The destiny of the two young heroes will change the course of things...
  • Show nominated for the P'tits Molière 2017
  • The show lasts about 1h05
  • Every Saturday at 3pm (until December 5)

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