- Musical comedy -
  • WE love : the atmosphere of the Mississippi in the 19th century, the scenery and costumes... sumptuous, the rhythm, lively and playful.
  • Age : for children from 4 years
  • DATES: Until November 24th
  • Location: Mogador Theater (Paris 9th)
Tom Sawyers, the musical for kids

The Adventures of Tom Sawyers, the musical: a real musical for children

  • This musical, intended for young audiences, is a creation of the Mogador Theater.
  • Inspired by Mark Twain's famous novel, you will plunge into the atmosphere of 19th century Mississippi. century.
  • The sets and costumes are sumptuous, the rhythm, the music and the dance are frenzied.
  • A very nice musical for the whole family
  • A show of 1:35

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