The new gourmet spot for sweet street food
On site or to go

Quartier des Halles (Paris 1st)

WE love
natural flavors and low-sugar products
Atmosphere:  At Sweet Bazar, we welcome you in a good mood and with a smile
The frame:  colorful, warm and regressive
Location:   in the Halles district (opposite  of the Museum of Illusion)

Sweet Bazar, coffee around chocolate

Sweet Bazar : so sweet, so fun, so good, so natural...

A little thirsty! Smoothies, iced coffees, milkshakes, lattes and other hot or cold drinks...
A little hunger! Waffles (revisited), pies (seasonal), cakes, cookies...
A little desire for sweetness! Chocolate bars (made to measure), candies, popcorn, ice cream...

  • At Sweet Bazar, we favour natural products,  brown sugar, made in France and short circuits
  • The chocolate is 100% pure cocoa butter. (and from sustainable agriculture) and the organic sweets (without animal gelatin)
  • Children (or parents) will be able to compose their chocolate bar (made to measure) with top quality products, in less than ten minutes! With dark or milk chocolate, you choose your topics (candied fruits, dried fruits, chocolate chips to name a few) according to your desires
  • All the proposed recipes are thought and imagined by thehe pastry chef, Sandrine Baumann-HautinAmbassador of the French Dessert Championship 2021.
  • To be consumed on the spot (for a snack break after the visit of the Museum of Illusion) or to go
  • The place is spacious and children can come and go, climb on the swing or sit on one of the horses on the carousel.

Sweet bazar , the food concept store

Sweet Bazar is also a boutique of delicacies and accessories

  • Beautifully presented products, at a very low price for yourself or as a gift
  • On a craqué les « Petits beurres » comme quand on était petit, les gros pots de Pop Corn pour les séances de ciné maison, les petits biscuits dans leurs emballages colorés…
  • Un rayon spécial « Fête d’anniversaire » avec des accessoires, bougies qui devrait plaire aux mamans

coffee for children

Sweet Bazar is also chocolate and pastry workshops for children, teenagers and adults

  • Workshops of 1h30 around chocolate and pastries
  • For all ages
  • from 25 to 60 euros per workshop

Sweet bazar Paris

natural popcorn at Sweet Bazar

organic candy at Sweet Bazar

cooking workshop for children at Sweet Bazar

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