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WE LOVE :  a little history of France and elsewhere
AGE:  from 10 years
FREE MUSEUM :  for all and all year
LOCATION:  in the magnificent Palais de Salm (Paris 7ème), just next to the Orsay Museum

A few questions about the Legion of Honour that the visit will answer:

  • What is the Legion of Honor?
  • Who created the Legion of Honour?
  • Who can receive it and who can give it?
  • How many people have we had?

The visit of the Legion of Honour museum in 5 stages

It is a journey into the History of France and the world that this small museum offers us. The visit begins with a presentation of the history of the Palais de Salm and the history of the museum. The visit then continues with the discovery of 5 rooms (5 spaces) in which you can discover paintings, weapons, art objects, costumes and documents.

Interactive screens present the history of French decorations from the Middle Ages to the present day and explain the current functioning of the national orders and their members.

  • The Royal Orderly Room : Order of Saint Michael, Order of the Holy Spirit, Order of Saint Louis, Institution of Military Merit
  • The Hall of the Legion of Honour : Weapons of Reward and Honour, Legion of Honour, Orders of the Iron Crown and of Reunion, Orders of the Emperor's Brothers
  • Mario Spada Hall dedicated to foreign orders: more than 400 orders from 122 past or present states.
  • The contemporary room : decorations from the Revolution, the Restoration, the Second Empire (Military Medal and Commemorative Medals), the two World Wars....

The visit ends with the medals of honour, the colonial and ministerial orders and the National Order of Merit, the second national order created by General de Gaulle in 1963.

Exceptional and rare objects can be found in the museum of the Legion of Honour.

  • A cuirass and a parade helmet of Napoleon I dated 1807.
  • Military Medal and War Cross of Marshal Foch (1851-1929)
  • Partisan Song Manuscript, 1943
  • Current necklace of the Legion of Honour

Practical information

View schedule details Wednesday to Sunday from 1pm to 6pm (last entry at 5.30pm)

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