This cruise is not scheduled for spring 2024
Ideal for 6-10 year-olds
In French only
Departure at the foot of the Eiffel Tower
The miraculous Parisian boat cruise on the Seine


Strong points

  • It is a participative and interactive show-cruise with Ladybug and Chat Noir, the heroes of the Miraculous series
  • It is a unique experience mixing quiz and immersive theater in the presence of Ladybug and Black Cat
  • During this cruise, children will be able to see the Grand Palais, the Place de la Concorde and the National Assembly, the musée d'Orsay the Lowork, the Conciergerie, City Hall to Notre Dame

The Miraculous cruise, the cruise on the Seine for children

  • After the success of 2022 and 2023, this Miraculous cruise is likely to resume in spring 202'.
  • During this life-size game, the children become real investigators assisting Ladybug and Black Cat
  • Ladybug is in pursuit of an enemy who is travelling around Paris with the aim of wiping out all the monuments in the city
  • During this race, Ladybug and Black Cat commandeer the Bateaux Parisiens to pursue the enemy
  • The children, heroes of this chaseIn order to save Paris, you will have to use logic, observation and analysis. It is not necessary to know Paris well to answer the quiz

Miraculous cruise schedule

  • No cruises for the moment - Likely to resume in spring 2024
  • Out of school vacations Saturday and Sunday at 10:30am - 12:30pm - 2:30pm - 4:30pm
  • School holidays Tuesday to Sunday. Departures at 10:30am - 12:30pm - 2:30pm - 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Miraculous Cruise Fare

  • From 19 euros
  • Free: for children under 3 years old
  • Non-changeable, non-refundable tickets

Practical information about the Miraculous cruise

  • Departure at the foot of the Eiffel Tower Suffren port located between Bir Hakeim and the Champ de Mars
  • duration 1 hour (the trip is a loop, departure and return to the Eiffel Tower)
  • The turnaround is done at the Institut du Monde Arabe
  • The show cruise takes place only in French.
  • The boats are all equipped withan open deck for the beautiful days. When it is cool or raining, the boat is covered, fully glazed and heated.
  • Recommended age: for 4 - 10 year olds (and their parents)

Find the list of our reviews

Star Star Star Star Star - Stars in the eyes
Written by Pauline S. 08-11-2023

A superb family outing on our 7-year-old daughter's first trip to Paris. She loved the adventure, while the adults could admire more of the monuments along the Seine. A great time for all.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great family outing!
Written by T.C, 07-11-2023

The kids loved the cruise!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very average
Written by Françoise Vioux , 05-11-2023

Visitors at the back of the barge were a bit "forgotten" and couldn't take part in the entertainment... plus the microphone above the seats didn't work... I wouldn't recommend this activity... too expensive for what it is.

Star Star Star Star Star - original cruise
Written by Catherine TISON, 05-11-2023

Plus points: - use of sympathetic actors to play the 2 Miraculous heroes - easy web booking Minuses: - no real riddles for children to solve, as advertised - the link between the Parisian monuments in the story and the real setting on the Seine is too quick to be made. The same setting in a theater would have been more useful for getting to know or recognizing the various Parisian monuments, without being on board a bateau-mouche.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good but lacks sound
Written by haordeb, 05-11-2023

The children were very happy, but there were no explanations of the monuments as they went along, so there was no real point in it being on a bateau-mouche... and the sound was of poor quality. On the other hand, the actors are very good!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Julie Roblot, 04-11-2023


Star Star Star Star Star - Great for keeping the kids busy on the boat trip
Written by Anne Couvreur, 04-11-2023

The activity (all in a boat) was pleasant, but rather aimed at small children (8-9 years old is a big Max). It seems that the activity leaders tried to provide some cultural information, but as they spoke too fast and from too far away, we didn't understand a thing. It's a pity, because combining cultural/historical information with animation for children was a good idea.

Star Star Star Star Star - Playful stroll
Written by Magali Penin , 02-11-2023

Nice with my 8 year old daughter, the right age I think, she was really into the cruise, very good Paris gazette. The negative point is that the children are so focused on Ladybug and Black Cat that they don't look at the monuments, I had to tell my daughter several times. As for the booking, ras, very good. I would recommend this activity to other families.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great activity!
Written by Sylviane Beaunier, 02-11-2023

Very well organized, friendly receptionist, great welcome gift for the children! No worries about booking I recommend this activity which is a real show with 2 adorable actors with the children.

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by Karine ALVES DIAS , 02-11-2023

+ the staff and characters are very welcoming and friendly. The characters move around a lot, interacting with all the children. - not enough links with the outside world and monuments. It moves very quickly, too quickly for children to understand the historical links and make the connection with the monuments. Easy online booking. We'd just have to point out that you have to pick up tickets at the ticket office on arrival. I recommend for children who are real Miraculous fans.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great time with your kids
Written by STEPHANIE RICHARD, 01-11-2023

The actors are great with children and their parents. In my opinion, the script is difficult to understand for children under 10, but on the other hand, it perfectly integrates the Parisian monuments we come across along the way. A sure recommendation! Area for improvement: online booking shows that all dates are almost fully booked or sold out. However, the cruise ship was only half-full, and we could even have come without booking and bought the tickets on the spot.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great activity with the kids
Written by Céline Wobmann, 30-10-2023

A great activity that the children enjoyed. Good quality of actors, but there's a bit too much going on on the boat, which doesn't allow the children to observe the monuments around them and make the connection with the story being played out. It's a bit of a shame, as it detracts from the interest of the cruise.

Star Star Star Star Star - A very pleasant surprise! Fun, instructive and a big bravo to the two comedians!
Written by aldo ortelli, on 27-10-2023

I highly recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - An interesting experience for children
Written by Andrijana Nedeljkovic , 27-10-2023

No problem, yes I recommend it, the actors were great.

Star Star Star Star Star - A little disappointed
Written by Mohamed TRIA , le 26-10-2023

The concept is interesting: combine the miraculous universe with the monuments of Paris and get the kids involved. That said, certain elements are missing to make the animation a success: small screens with secondary characters and other videos and symbols, .... A simpler scenario... And more visual and musical animation. Otherwise, the animators are very good.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun for the little ones
Written by Maud VILLA, 26-10-2023

Very playful, interactive show with Lady Bug and Chat Noir. Children (under 8) really enjoyed it (over 8, less enthusiastic). On the other hand, the show is purely recreational: explanation/commentary on Paris monuments almost non-existent, they're not even announced. If the objective is to discover the monuments of Paris (which was my case), this is not the right formula.

Star Star Star Star Star - experience to be recommended
Written by Pierre, 25-10-2023

The children really enjoyed it. Both actors played their roles well. Possible tip: have the actors show the children the buildings we pass, because the children are so caught up in the story and the acting that they don't look at the places we pass.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good experience
Written by Imen Azdad, 24-10-2023

We took the cruise as a family with two children. Magnificent cruise, with the two extras at the top of their game.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Virginie AVEROUS, 09-10-2023

A great cruise for kids, to do with the whole family! It combines the fun aspect of miraculous, very attractive to children, with tourism and, above all, the historical and educational dimension. The adventure is very interesting and educational. The actors are great too! A guaranteed success, well worth the rather high price of the activity.

Star Star Star Star Star - A must-see experience for all children who are fans of Ladybug and Black Cat.
Written by Amandine VDS, 09-10-2023

I discovered this activity by chance on the Internet. I took my 2 children (aged 2 and a half and 5), fans of Lady Bug and Chat Noir. I had no particular expectations, well aware that linking cruising and culture for my children was a complex matter and that it was already very good to have this kind of proposal for young children (a really superb idea). And I wasn't disappointed, nor were the children. The actors are really in their roles, the texts are well written (Chat Noir has kept its sense of humor, and the staging is nice). They even try to convey a sense of history, the importance of freedom, and even some well-known buildings. They do their best to let the kids participate, listen to them and everyone gets a victory check at the end. Frankly, I'd read some not-so-great reviews of this animation and I find them unjustified for this season anyway (I wasn't there last year). They even used music from the last film. There's a miraculous store at the end. If you want to treat someone: go for it. My children were delighted and will remember it for a long time. As a mom, I was equally delighted with the cruise.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by rachid kerrad, 03-10-2023

Yes, we gladly recommend it, as it combines shows, history lessons and sightseeing.

Star Star Star Star Star - Miraculous ladybug!!!
Written by Ramzi BOZTUG, 26-09-2023

A lively, animated cruise that will appeal to children who love the series.

Star Star Star Star Star - It was great
Written by Gwendoline LEVEILLE , 12-09-2023

Go and see a great show

Star Star Star Star Star - An hour with Lady Bug
Written by valerie , on 11-09-2023

Hello, An hour spent in a boat on the Seine with the Miraculous characters during the heatwave. My daughter liked it, although she was a bit stunned by the energy of the two actors: it was difficult to understand them, both because of the young woman's rapid speech and because of the story. No reference to the monuments we passed and/or no precise plan to help us find our way around. Reference to last year, but we weren't there, so got lost again. Our 6-year-old loved it...especially the bubbles at the end and the well-known song....c is the main thing. It's expensive but she got glitter in her eyes. In addition to the 15euros for the photo. Bravo in any case for the two actors: 37C, in their costumes and still very dynamic!

Star Star Star Star Star - Not bad without more
Written by AGNES THOMAS, 09-09-2023

Easy online booking. Comfortable boarding and installation. Good visibility of the show. The actors do their best to make the show lively. They're very handsome. The problem: the texts are difficult to understand and too long for a young audience. The historical references are complicated for young children. We came with our 7-year-old granddaughter, who saw the film, but she wasn't all that enchanted. The other children weren't enthusiastic either. We should have shown the monuments. ESPECIALLY LESS TEXT

Star Star Star Star Star - Expensive for what it is
Written by Philippe Drweski, 05-09-2023

We had a good time, but it's expensive for a fairly basic show.

Star Star Star Star Star - Sorry no opinion .cancelled the outing because of the hot weather
Written by Françoise BIREN, 03-09-2023

I had to cancel the outing because of the heat. Hopefully next time

Star Star Star Star Star - Despite the gloomy weather, we were delighted
Written by CORINNE FIORENTINO, 03-09-2023

yes, I'd recommend this activity, but the sound wasn't very good, which is a shame.

Star Star Star Star Star - Miraculous cruise
Written by Pascal Godfroy, 03-09-2023

My daughter loved it. Lively actors. The weather wasn't great, which was a shame if you wanted to enjoy the bridges of Paris. Not interactive enough.

Star Star Star Star Star - Przygoda dla wielbicieli Miraculum
Written by Magdalena Składnik, 02-09-2023

Ciekawe przeżycie dla dzieciaków uwielbiających serial Miraculum. Dynamicznie przedstawiona historia. Szkoda ze nie ma opisu po angielsku - jest skrótowa broszura ale nic z niej nie wynika. Minus to zabudowany pokład

Star Star Star Star Star - Too fast
Written by Denis CASTELET, 01-09-2023

The costumes are superb and the acting perfect. But the flow of the text is too fast, and too much information has to be integrated at once. What's more, there's not enough emphasis on the relationship between the scenario and the Paris monuments visible from the boat. In short, it's a good idea, but there's room for improvement.

Star Star Star Star Star - Cruise very expensive for the service
Written by Sarah or Mohamed Haddad , 31-08-2023

Expensive miraculous cruise for 6 people ... The hourly service is not suitable for everyone. A lot of people didn't understand French and I could see the people on the boat falling asleep because the story itself wasn't interesting. My children only loved miraculous and chat noir in disguise, and even they were cold I thought... No connection. The photo is basic...and without the characters. Small point: black cat doesn't have green eyes. And miraculous doesn't have blue eyes, so it's a mistake anyway... There's work to be done ... The staff is cold... Too bad... I hope it will be better next year... To be seen...

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Mathilde Rouillon, 29-08-2023

Easy to find, super well organized and happy kids! We recommend this cruise

Star Star Star Star Star - Miraculous - August 2023
Written by Famille Belgique, on 29-08-2023

It's a pity that the cruise is only conducted in French, while the children don't always speak French. An alternation with English would have been appreciated...

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Hello, It was a well-considered decision to offer this cruise in French only. Last year's cruise was in French and English, and it turned out to be too complicated to follow the story. We make it clear that the cruise is in French only.

Star Star Star Star Star - fine
Written by sandra Silvius, 28-08-2023

very good. they took our tickets at the box office without having to wait in the long line the show was very good. my 3 1/2 year old daughter was delighted

Star Star Star Star Star - Sure to fill you with wonder
Written by Margaux Clercq, 27-08-2023

Very cheerful, funny and dynamic. A fun way to discover Paris. Parents shouldn't hesitate to give their children a treat - everyone's sure to be happy.

Star Star Star Star Star - SUPER
Written by liliane CAGNON, 24-08-2023

I had no problems and would recommend this activity.

Star Star Star Star Star - Location very poorly indicated
Written by Louise brd, 22-08-2023

I am extremely disappointed by this cruise, which we were unable to take. There are no signs to find the boat. We arrived 2 minutes late because there were no signs. My children were inconsolable... I wouldn't recommend this cruise unless you know Paris like the back of your hand.

Star Star Star Star Star - Nothing exceptional
Written by Mélanie Delcroix, 21-08-2023

Quick access and well indicated, but I have mixed feelings about the service in view of the price ...

Star Star Star Star Star - Miraculous
Written by Sophie Gillet, 20-08-2023

We booked on the internet but arrived at the boat unable to read the qrcode. We had to go back to the store where we were informed that our order had not been registered but payment had been made. As a result, we checked in after everyone else, with the last seats at the back of the boat where the sound was bad. Very disappointing, fortunately the weather was fine.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good but not enough interaction
Written by louis sarica, 19-08-2023

The story is too long and complicated No links with the monuments seen on the cruise Children should be grouped together

Star Star Star Star Star - Unforgettable and instructive for children
Written by ROZENN LE DU, 11-08-2023

Delighted, yes I recommend this activity.

Star Star Star Star Star - SUPER SYMPA
Written by liliane CAGNON, 11-08-2023

This offer is really good. No problem booking or collecting the tickets. I would recommend this offer. The actors are nice and the show is very good.

Star Star Star Star Star - Enchanted cruise
Written by Jocelyne Richardson , 11-08-2023

Ideal activity for children familiar with the cartoon Lady Bug and black cat "miraculus".

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Christopher Foulon, 10-08-2023

It was great, my kids loved it. Booking was easy. I recommend this cruise

Star Star Star Star Star - Enjoy your outing
Written by Aurore Giroux, 04-08-2023

The captain is smiling! The animation isn't bad. I loved being able to watch the Paris scenery while my daughter enjoyed her favorite heroes. Special mention to the black cat who took the time to take a photo with her on the Eiffel Tower at the end of the show on the boat. So happy. Given their kindness, we decided to take both photos on a green background, not just one! Bravo l'équipe

Star Star Star Star Star - Cool
Written by AISSATA , on 02-08-2023

Super moment of relaxation

Star Star Star Star Star - Great activity
Written by MARGAUX , 31-07-2023

Great activity for kids (8 years old), suitable for younger children too, with a fun educational aspect in addition to the cruise and meeting their favorite heroes ;) Involved and super-dynamic actors!

Star Star Star Star Star - It's an enjoyable experience for children.
Written by Corinne Ollagnon-Brégeon, 30-07-2023

The Parisian monuments play a role in the script: I'm a bit sorry that I had to be the one to point them out to the children. Point out Napoleon's N on the bridge, for example, and don't just use the actors' props. Nevertheless, the children were happy, and that's what counts! I'll be back at the end of August with the other three grandchildren!

Star Star Star Star Star - Not bad, but...
Written by Ophélie, on 30-07-2023

It's a pity that the story told by Lady Bug and Black Cat took over too much from the walk and the discovery of the monuments. In the end, my daughter was glued to the characters and saw nothing of the monuments... But we still had a great time! The actors are top-notch!

Star Star Star Star Star - My granddaughters were not very interested
Written by dominique plateau, on 29-07-2023

.bonjour Very interesting for the history of Paris Lively thanks to the d'Uruguay but not very attractive for children who are not yet interested in history.

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Warning: this show is in French

Star Star Star Star Star - Too expensive for what it is
Written by Suzanne Cresp , 07-29-2023


Star Star Star Star Star - Nice
Written by STEPHANIE BOUTEILLER, on 29-07-2023

The children enjoyed it, but they weren't invited to look at the buildings as we walked past, which was a shame.

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Hello, madam, We agree with you. Children are not encouraged to look at the monuments. This cruise should be seen as "a show on the boat for the kids", with Paris and the Seine in the background.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Ramid Taroudjit Lagleize , 24-07-2023


Star Star Star Star Star - Things to review
Written by Chou, 21-07-2023

The waiting time to get to the boats was far too long, and in direct sunlight not pleasant for adults or young children. There was a 15-minute delay at the start, which we didn't make up for during the tour.

Star Star Star Star Star - Cancelled
Written by Ségolène Kopferschmitt, 18-07-2023

I cannot give an opinion since the cruise has been cancelled. For the moment I have not received any refund.

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Hello, Madam, We were not informed of the cancellation. We should have been notified. We will take care of it immediately.

Star Star Star Star Star - The wonder in children's eyes
Written by Lady Bug de Gironde, 18-07-2023

A great time with the kids. The actors are very committed and attentive to the children's needs. The city of Paris is well presented, but the story is a little complicated to follow, and would benefit from a little streamlining so that children can better understand and appreciate the monuments of Paris. The booklet is top-notch and very clear.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice experience
Written by Marie-Renée Hervé, 17-07-2023

A surprise for my 4 1/2 year old daughter, already an unconditional fan of Lady Bug, this cruise lived up to my expectations. Great acting, which put glitter in her eyes for the rest of her first stay in Paris. Thank you

Star Star Star Star Star - My granddaughters really enjoyed it
Written by Corinne BERNACHY, on 17-07-2023

Nothing we didn't like No difficulties. Excellent organization I recommend this activity

Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent
Written by Bernard thi, 13-07-2023

Suitable for children, very good acting, perfect organization: timetables respected, tickets checked. Special note: very enjoyable thanks to the actors!

Star Star Star Star Star - Much appreciated by the children. And that's the main thing.
Written by Marie Rupp, 13-07-2023

A more monument-focused visit would have been welcome. The talk needs to be spaced out, as it's a bit talkative. Otherwise, the welcome is top-notch and the actors are in top form.

Star Star Star Star Star - Cruise cancelled at time of departure
Written by M, 10-07-2023

After waiting from 10:00 to 10:30 under a blazing sun, we were told that the cruise was cancelled due to a technical problem with the boat. 2 solutions were proposed: another classic belief (no interest with a 5 year old girl!) or a refund ... with another long wait under the sun ... so I did not get a refund. So I'm asking you for a refund?

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Of course, we will reimburse you.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very noisy, not suitable for a 5-year-old child
Written by Laureen, 04-07-2023

Enigmas for children who have already had history lessons. Too difficult for younger children. Very noisy microphones, leaving the room with a headache. Difficult to stay focused, even for adults. We gave up in the middle of the cruise. The animators/actors, on the other hand, are top-notch, smiling and in character.

Star Star Star Star Star - A beautiful trip on the Seine
Written by Jean-Marie Delandes, 04-07-2023

Not suitable for young children. The only attraction is to see black cat and lady bug.

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointment
Written by Elise M, 03-07-2023

We couldn't see the monuments from the boat, as the ceiling was opaque and too hot to breathe. Very, very disappointed with the cruise.

Star Star Star Star Star - I recommend
Written by Fred L, 27-06-2023

I recommend this activity for children And for parents: The cruise follows the same route as the other cruises. The characters are very realistic. Kudos to the actors for their show! They're great at what they do, and they're great with kids! (Comments from our 6-year-old daughter: Lady bug didn't have blue eyes... but Black Cat did have green eyes)

Star Star Star Star Star - Popular with children
Written by Amélie Belin, 19-06-2023

Our 3 and 5 year olds really enjoyed it, although I did notice a slight discrepancy between the monuments and their presentation in the time-delayed riddle, so my sons didn't always make the connection.

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by Drago, 14-06-2023

There's already no shade and no air for children. From age 4 upwards, it's too small and incomprehensible.

Star Star Star Star Star - It was great
Written by Ryan EUGENIE, 13-06-2023

I liked the cruise with black cat and Lady bug

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting cruise, I recommend it!
Written by Laëtitia EUGENIE, 13-06-2023

My son loved it, thank you.

Star Star Star Star Star - It all depends on the age of the children. unsuitable for under-7s.
Written by Dominique Rezel, 18-11-2022

Bilingualism. There must be a way to make cruises in French.

Star Star Star Star Star - Decevant
Written by Isabel Ces, 16-11-2022

Not recommended for children who can't read. Complicated puzzles, 5- and 6-year-olds may not know the Mona Lisa painting. Explanations out of sync with the monuments we see. Very frustrating. The previous version with clowns was 100 times better, but with this one the children don't discover Paris, it's more like a show on a boat.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun outing for the kids
Written by Stéphanie FACHE, 13-11-2022

The actors are great, nice boat ride. To be done once when the kids are Miraculous fans!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good
Written by Patricia Cristina, 09-11-2022

Great, the kids loved it

Star Star Star Star Star - A fun adventure
Written by Juliette D, 09-11-2022

It was very good and the actors were great and interacted well with the children. My daughter (just 3) really enjoyed it and we had a great time. Although I can understand why, we found the sound a little too loud, so after an hour we were a little bored (my daughter and myself). Once again, I'd like to emphasize the fine performance of the actress and actor. They're really in tune with the story and really get you into the mood.

Star Star Star Star Star - What not to do when it's raining
Written by Asma SPECKER, 08-11-2022

It rained on the day of the cruise, so it was very steamy and we couldn't see the monuments, which was a pity for the children who had to solve the riddles. Not to be done when it's raining!

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by MELISSA, 08-11-2022

We were 2 adults and 2 children very expensive for this kind of show it seemed that it was improvisation not even goodies for children very disappointed

Star Star Star Star Star - Not so good
Written by Elise Lemoine, 06-11-2022

Expensive for a show whose enigma is complicated and far-fetched, nothing's gone, it's hard to get into, and you get a very poor view of the monuments.

Written by Coralie ROSSI, 04-11-2022

My 4 year old daughter enjoyed seeing her favourite characters... My 8-year-old daughter didn't find them very believable.... on the other hand, the half-English show was a pain...

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by Claire Masson , 03-11-2022

The actors are all over the place and it's cute, but that's the only good thing about it. The fast-paced speech and alternating French and English make it difficult to understand. The children don't take their eyes off the actors, so they don't look at the monuments around them at all, which is a real shame. The riddles in the booklet are not suitable for 5-6 year-olds, and the volume is very loud, which is dangerous for the ears of little ones who often accompany the rest of the family on this kind of activity. The fact that you have to queue up to exchange a ticket you've already paid for and printed, in order to get a counter-ticket on the spot, is utter nonsense. The so-called special queue didn't open until 15 minutes before departure time, so those who waited were the last to get on the boat. Yes, you have to queue again to get on the boat, and it's long because there's a photographer who takes photos of each family, hoping to sell the photo at the exit (where you have to queue again to see the photo...). For an hour on the boat, we had to wait 1 hour, splitting up with my husband to be in the 2 queues at the same time (for the ticket then for the boat) and we were in the 2nd half of the people to get on. I'd say that if the kids aren't big Miraculous fans, don't go for this cruise, as our whole family was disappointed...

Star Star Star Star Star - Miraculous crosier
Written by Sylvie Gutierrez, on 29-10-2022

congratulations to Lady Bug and Black Cat , the characters are great and captivating to brighten up this cruise!!!! The actors are super and in coordination throughout the cruise!! exellent moment spent in the company of my grandchildren, especially as the weather was superb.

Star Star Star Star Star - perfect, but only for the very young
Written by sylvie Paulet, 29-10-2022

IT'S PERFECT FOR VERY YOUNG PEOPLE - there could have been booklets with questions adapted for different age groups, as some museums do.

Star Star Star Star Star - Big disappointment
Written by Aurélie BARRUCAND, 25-10-2022

You can't see the monuments if you're not on the right side. I was also disappointed by the animation, and with the roof, the noise and the reasoning, you come out with a headache. My children didn't like it either.

Star Star Star Star Star - fun but difficult for children to follow
Written by emilie philippon, 18-10-2022

really nice, but 2 actors for such a big boat doesn't seem enough to me. and the bilingual aspect adds more confusion than anything else, it's so fast that the kids barely have time to understand their language. the sound wasn't very good either.

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice cruise
Written by tiffany Tondelier, 14-10-2022

Nice cruise for kids, easy to find. Stroll on the Seine pleasant, I just find a little unfortunate that the children could not take pictures with the heroes of the day surely a matter of time since there are several schedules a la suite....

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good but....
Written by Debora Poet, 04-10-2022

Very good, but it would be better for the child to have only one language for each cruise. The actors were great, but the kids were a bit lost with the translation. Some of the kids quickly lost interest! Interesting idea, but too bad!

Star Star Star Star Star - Good
Written by Marie GILLE, 01-10-2022

The actors' transitions from English to French are far too rapid. Children find it hard to understand and are quickly lost. It's a pity, because the games and the cruise are very enjoyable.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good actors, nice cruises
Written by Mendez , 24-09-2022

The actors are very good, but I was disappointed because you can't hear the dialogue very well. It's hard to get into the story.

Star Star Star Star Star - Too good
Written by Alicia STADTMULLER, 21-09-2022

A very warm welcome

Star Star Star Star Star - We liked it
Written by Didier MESTRUDE, 18-09-2022

We liked it

Star Star Star Star Star - Difficult to follow
Written by Julie C., on 13-09-2022

The concept is really interesting, the script rather nice and the actors very good, with good elocution in the 2 languages. However, mixing English and French in this context requires too great an effort of concentration. Children and adults alike are quickly lost, even with a good understanding of the 2 languages. For the price, it's rather disappointing.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great opportunity for children to discover Paris
Written by Cathy, 05-09-2022

Fun entertainment, but the French/English mix isn't easy for little ones. Despite e-tickets, queuing to collect vouchers not always well explained. The actors were perfect and got the kids involved. Not easy with their costumes and the heat.

Star Star Star Star Star - Super entertainment
Written by Rebecca Van der Zypen , 04-09-2022

De show is in het Engels en Frans. Ook al spreekt mijn dochter enkel Nederlands, ze was betoverd door het enthousiasme van de acteurs! We waren met veel op de boot, maar toch kregen we het gevoel dat we enkele keren echt persoonlijk contact hadden met de cat Noir en Ladybug waardoor we echt in het verhaal werden gezogen. Mijn dochter vond het zelf heel leuk dat ze haar "miraculeus" kreeg en op de gebouwen aanwijzingen moest zoeken. Via toneel op kinderniveau leer je de gebouwen langs de Seine kennen.

Star Star Star Star Star - Age limit -8 years is the best age for this enjoyable animation.
Written by Viviane Guyomarch, 03-09-2022

Oui pour enfants de moi s de 8 ans.trop d'agitatation ce qui empêche d'écouter

Star Star Star Star Star - Medium
Written by Marie Hélène Carnoy, 02-09-2022

Very average entertainment with very little involvement of the children, lots of noise which makes it difficult to understand what is being said. We were a little disappointed

Star Star Star Star Star - Good organization but mixed experience
Written by Christine T, 02-09-2022

The reception is well organized, and the photos are pretty, if a little expensive. The animation with the 2 heroes is rather noisy, the games are well thought out, but the children are still confused by the bilingual aspect, although we must salute the great energy of the actors, with whom unfortunately the children can't take a photo, and their good English accent. This allows children to discover Parisian monuments with their favorite heroes, but I'm not convinced that they understood or retained much.

Star Star Star Star Star - It was not a pleasant experience
Written by Ursula Zokra, 01-09-2022

the cruise was not peaceful at all!!! Our children could not continue the activities because of the noise was noisy!!!! They didn't understand anything even though they speak French as well as English .the animation was intensive in my opinion we didn't let the children observe the monuments and the same for ns coe parents was very tense for us and we all regretted taking it ... Sorry for my comment but it's the truth. Thank you xx

Star Star Star Star Star - the actors were good, but the simultaneous translation limited children's understanding. High noise level
Written by Louis DAVID, 29-08-2022

the concept is good, but the noisy environment makes it difficult to follow the puzzle

Star Star Star Star Star - A scam
Written by Ludmilla Amoussou, 28-08-2022

Boat that doesn't let you see the monuments If you're in the back, the animators don't come up to you I am very disappointed

Star Star Star Star Star - Super cruise
Written by virginie sionkowski, 27-08-2022

Great experience. The actors are amazing. As an adult, I'm a little disappointed that the dialogues are in French as well as English, as some information about the monuments is lost. My son was delighted with his morning and very proud to show his brother and sister the miracle of patience given by Ladybug and Chat Noir.

Star Star Star Star Star - My 8-year-old daughter loved it
Written by Josiane Raffard, 26-08-2022

Having printed my tickets, I didn't expect to have to queue again at the ticket office to exchange my printed tickets for other tickets. It should be mentioned that tickets printed at home must be exchanged for other tickets. I found the use of English and French very confusing. My granddaughter and I didn't always understand the actors. But .... my granddaughter loved it! mission accomplished

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun activity
Written by Françoise , 26-08-2022

A fun cruise, but best reserved for children who can read and write. My 5-year-old grandson liked the characters overall, but the puzzles were a little too difficult for his age. Well done to the very committed actors and the very welcoming crew.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun activity
Written by H.L., 24-08-2022

The actors were a lot of fun and tried to get the kids involved as much as possible. It's a pity that the boat doesn't always let you see the monuments properly, despite the Plexiglas roof. The middle seats are a little less interesting. The search for clues sometimes goes a little too quickly, even if we understand that there's a timing to be respected. It would be nice if the embarkation point were better indicated at the docks, to avoid missing the cruise. But all in all, a fine cruise, much appreciated by the children.

Star Star Star Star Star - Intriguing for children but
Written by Frédéric Drutinus, 21-08-2022

Hassle-free bookings and no problems accessing the boat The cruise went very well, and the fans were delighted, but I might have appreciated a little more interaction with the children, or a photo opportunity with the actors, who gave their all on the hour.

Star Star Star Star Star - An exceptional experience! I
Written by Eliane Vigreux, 21-08-2022

The welcome is excellent, and the animators, script and show are accessible to children of all ages. Keep up the good work!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good show
Written by Élodie Poupard, 21-08-2022

Great show for children and adults alike.very successful actors.I recommend it to everyone.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good activity
Written by Elodie B, on 17-08-2022

Obliged to queue up again at the ticket office when we arrived, even though we already had our tickets, the boat company imposes the printing of a counter mark in order to validate entry into the boat. We thought we'd save time, but we didn't. A great activity in itself for the kids.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun participatory game, but barge not really suitable for a tour
Written by Nikolina, 17-08-2022

My children and I really enjoyed the acting and the puzzles. On the negative side, although I had prepaid tickets and booked several days in advance, I had to wait again at the cash desk - at least it must have been mentioned on the tickets to allow more time in advance. We also couldn't see certain buildings depending on where we were sitting. Overall, it was a good experience, just these two points to improve.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun but a little hard to follow because of the language mix
Written by nadia , on 16-08-2022

my nine-year-old daughter liked it, but was a bit confused by the French/English mix. Perhaps we should have different times for each language. However, the activity is fun and well-designed.

Star Star Star Star Star - Really mixed
Written by Erika Hubert, 15-08-2022

A full boat for profitability, No air source, No fans, Suffocating heat unbearable with children.... Rather nice actors, average English/French mix for kids!

Star Star Star Star Star - Uneven
Written by Sophie SULTANA, 15-08-2022

Overall, my son liked the idea of the games and puzzle solving, and seeing his favorite characters in real life. He liked the notebook and is going to keep it, as well as the pencil. It's still a cruise on the Seine, and it's pleasant and enjoyable in that respect. Firstly, I didn't understand the point of reserving and paying for tickets several days in advance, only to be told when the time came that they couldn't be scanned, and that I'd have to queue again (a very long time, considering the number of people waiting and the mix of people waiting: those who wanted to buy a ticket they didn't have, and those like me who had to exchange the electronic ticket for a paper one to show). Worried about the passage of time, I went to speak to the people controlling the entrance to the boat and they assured me that no one would leave without us. Well, that's exactly what happened, and if I hadn't called out to someone again, we wouldn't have made the trip. So we got on last, and there was no more room at the front, and not enough to place us all together. Where we were placed, we couldn't hear very well, even if the people were moving around. Next: I'm not convinced by the idea of alternating English and French. It may not be possible to separate the cruises by language, but switching from one language to the other made things confusing. I think my son picked it up pretty quickly, that and because the puzzles were rather complicated for little ones (5 and under).

Star Star Star Star Star - Request for postponement of date remains unanswered
Written by Dominique Boukobza , 14-08-2022

I was unable to take part in the activity due to an unforeseen circumstance beyond my control. Will I have asked for a postponement and am still waiting for a reply.

Star Star Star Star Star - nonsense
Written by Tefi Reina, 13-08-2022

What we liked: animation, travelogue What we didn't like: the characters kept running and shouting, a bit annoying. One character was missing to complete the play! We had booked on Tuesday and 3 weeks before I was contacted to change the date or be reimbursed (this changed our program of visits to Paris). Then on arrival with my voucher, the Parisian boats never found us on the list. We were added to the list, luckily there were seats available. The stage is not yet perfected, my daughter remembered 2 monuments out of all the monuments that were mentioned in the form of games, maybe because it was a bit hectic?..but otherwise the concept is good. To be continued.

Star Star Star Star Star - Frankly not very good
Written by Joelle Racine, 13-08-2022

interesting show, it would be preferable to stop more on the monuments rather than this is howls with a very bad sound system throughout the cruise for children it is very difficult to capture the information in this hubbub. more have booked by internet and at the time of embarkation forced to change the paper tickets at the ticket office nothing indicated it is preferable to take a normal cruise

Star Star Star Star Star - NOT TO BE RENEWED
Written by Anita d'ALNONCOURT, 07-08-2022

Bilingualism prevents comprehension Comments on "monuments" inaudible or even non-existent Second time I've tried these special cruises with children, an experience not to be repeated.

Star Star Star Star Star - Magical
Written by virginie biraud, 06-08-2022

Interactive show for children Faithful to the cartoon and 2 good actors to take us into the Disney magic

Star Star Star Star Star - delighted children
Written by veronique bulbulian, 05-08-2022

air conditioning would have been welcome as well as a 3rd character my children would have liked to see the villain

Star Star Star Star Star - Too many people, too much noise, poor sound system
Written by France SAVELLI, 04-08-2022

The course and duration are good, the actors dynamic, no difficulty to book, but a pity to be so many locked inside the boat. Lots of noise, poor sound system, instructions hard to hear, so my son didn't take part at all.

Star Star Star Star Star - Not bad
Written by Lily and Will, 02-08-2022

What we really liked were the actors, bravo to them and their dynamism, which is not easy in this heat. The idea of a fun tour of the monuments was also well thought out. But in the end, you don't really get to see the monuments, as the children play but don't really look. The boat isn't very well suited to this if you're not on the window side. With the French-English mix, my son was a bit lost. We'll do a classic fly boat again, but with the roof in the open air. A little goodie in addition to the pencil would have been welcome.

Star Star Star Star Star - No answer
Written by Céline R, 31-07-2022

I sent 2 requests for reimbursement by email because I had to cancel my trip to Paris due to pregnancy complications, but no one bothered to reply... I'm still waiting

Star Star Star Star Star - Good idea but needs improvement
Written by ARIANE CEDILLE LEFEVRE, 31-07-2022

There were 5 of us, 2 adults and 3 children! The actors were great, but understanding their words was much less so, and it's not the diction but the fact that they say the text in French then in English then in French then in English ... in short everyone gets lost and we can't react despite their efforts because we understand nothing and the sound is average! In short, everyone got lost and we couldn't react despite their efforts, because we couldn't understand anything and the sound was average! It should be done in French with an English booklet for tourists, or with headphones translating the text. Otherwise it was pleasant.

Star Star Star Star Star - Do it, but don't do it again!
Written by Sophie G, 30-07-2022

Covered boat, greenhouse effect guaranteed, prefer bcp of water as you won't get any! Characters present, it's great, and a little bag offered! Of course, there's the photo trap to buy at the end (taken at the beginning and impossible to take with the characters). Be careful, the story mixes English and French; for adults I thought it was well done, but for the very young it's hard to follow.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good overall, but organization needs to be reviewed
Written by Séverine COLLANGE, 30-07-2022

Fun activity for the kids. The actors try to get through the aisles as much as possible. Too bad for the kids in the back who don't get to enjoy it. As far as organization is concerned, there are things to be reviewed. We bought our tickets and then reserved our slot on your site, which enabled us to have dematerialized tickets. When we got there, a young person went through the queue to check that we'd registered. When we got to ticket control, we were asked to get paper tickets at the counter. In 2022 and in the age of the QR Code (present on various documents), it's shameful to have to print out paper tickets.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun for kids, but the actors speak too fast; French and English at the same time, which is very confusing for the little ones.
Written by Nadine Terny , 07-29-2022

The French-English speech flow is confusing for children; they don't understand half of it and therefore don't look at the monuments at all.

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by Dominique dumouchel , 27-07-2022

Frankly, no; the result is disappointing compared to the sales pitch. The English/French translation is complicated for children. The confetti is very poor and the bubbles non-existent if you're not in the first two rows. The puzzles are complicated for 6-year-olds.

Star Star Star Star Star - We had a great time
Written by EMINE, 26-07-2022

We had a great time: discovering monuments with the riddles. The problem was that it was very noisy, as there were far too many of us. Ah yes, what annoyed me was that the actors spoke more English than French, the 2 languages were mixed with the hubbub it was difficult to follow everything. And yet I think the French were in the majority? Why not have an English-only slot? It's a children's outing after all, and speaking English and French mixed together doesn't help.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great time with the kids
Written by Monique, 26-07-2022

It was fun to learn while having fun. The only downside was that we were in the back and the kids regretted not getting the most out of the show. No problems before or during the show I'd recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - For children under 5, it's not easy to follow the story of the characters, the French and English translations and the tourist sites presented.
Written by Murphy Verger, on 25-07-2022

The story is fun and captivates children. On the other hand, they can't look at the tourist sites, because between the story, the translation and the game to follow. Too much for kids.

Written by BOUTAGHANE FLORE, on 25-07-2022

LOUSY CRUISE : no cultural interest for young and old alike; we learned nothing, didn't even see the monuments. riddles: no explanation; no clarity (apart from handing out a pencil, and... figure it out... the children were bored for ONE HOUR sound (or rather hubbub): horribly loud heat on the boat: the windows could have been opened... by mixing English and French (for reasons of economy) after each sentence, the children understood nothing; yet this cruise was dedicated to them... too expensive because of the lack of quality service I don't recommend it, we're very disappointed a service like this deserves a refund (95 euros for 3 children and 2 adults) I await your feedback on this point. BOUTAGHANE

Star Star Star Star Star - Unsuitable for children in summer
Written by aurelie jullian, 21-07-2022

The music/show was too loud. The heat was unbearable, accentuated by the Plexiglas over the boat. Hardly any shade in the boat. The little ones almost broke out in sunstroke. In my opinion, this activity is unsuitable for children in summer when it's too hot.

Star Star Star Star Star - My daughter had a great time
Written by Maï-Lina Weydert, 20-07-2022

My daughter had lots of stars in her eyes thanks to the 2 great actors. On the other hand, the sound quality needs to be improved - you can only understand half of it. And it's much too hot in the boat for children.

Star Star Star Star Star - A disappointing organization
Written by Vanessa , 20-07-2022

It's unacceptable to offer a cruise to children in alternating French and English, impossible to follow, especially for what is supposed to be a puzzle game. Make dedicated sessions for French and English speakers instead of seeking profitability at all costs! Boat unsuitable for a visit, too firm to see the monuments properly. Riddles in the brochure poorly constructed and uninteresting. A big disappointment for my daughter, who was expecting better than this! In short, the concept is fine, but the organization is not.

Star Star Star Star Star - I find it noisy we don't understand everything we can't even take pictures with them too bad for the kids price-wise it's expensive for what we got
Written by Souad Labbe, 19-07-2022

I think it's expensive for what we got plus the kids can't even take pictures with them too bad plus it's noisy we practically listen to mak

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good
Written by Marie-Christine Hoffmann, 18-07-2022

Just one small criticism: the children in the back rows are penalized because the actors don't often drop in to see them and interact with them.

Star Star Star Star Star - This cruise did not take place
Written by Daniele JOUBAIRE, 18-07-2022

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take part in this activity, as my 7-year-old granddaughters were ill. They were very sorry and so was I, as I was unable to cancel or postpone this cruise, which had already been paid for too early.

Star Star Star Star Star - Don't expect to see any monuments...
Written by Laurence Ruscart, 16-07-2022

The style of boat (no outside deck and opaque glass roof) doesn't allow you to see the monuments...... when, in fact, that's why you choose a cruise on the Seine, i.e. to see the monuments!!!!! very nice show on board, although a little quick to follow everything (alternating English and French).

Star Star Star Star Star - Miraculous review
Written by Ho, 16-07-2022

Exceptionally hot and no fans or air circulation on boat. Was very difficult to enjoy what was going on because we were profusely sweating in the heat and there was no fans besides the first row to cool off all the bodies on the boat. Would suggest checking the weather before u book. Also boat is mostly in French w hints of w/ English. The kids seemed to enjoy the Ladybug and Cat Noir appearance but it was hard to follow or do the puzzle hunt. We probably wouldn't recommend as our kids couldn't follow what they were supposed to do. Reservations were easy to make.

Star Star Star Star Star - There's no cultural input
Written by Déborah, 16-07-2022

I gave this cruise to my 2 daughters, aged almost 5 and 8. The surprise effect of the characters is nice, it makes for a show. But apart from that, there's no cultural contribution. It's very difficult to follow the show because the dialogue is French/English. Children can't understand it, so they lose interest. On top of that, we were on the wrong side of the boat, so we couldn't see the buildings we were supposed to observe during the puzzles. The kids enjoyed seeing their favorite characters, but there was clearly nothing left of the monuments. It's a shame.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very average
Written by CHARLENE DOUVIN, 15-07-2022

Activity performed with a 5-year-old child. You can't understand any of the dialogue, which is half French and half English... nonsense... even as an adult. The sound is far too loud. Not a single shady spot in the boat.... Finally, the tickets bought on the internet didn't work, so we had to queue again at the ticket office to get the right tickets to scan... disappointing... overall score 2 for the employees, who are nice despite everything.

Star Star Star Star Star - Bateaux parisiens miraculos
Written by mireille BRION, 13-07-2022

Frankly, I think Miraculos sucks for children. I took my granddaughter with me and she didn't understand a thing, they shout and speak more often in English than in French.

Star Star Star Star Star - Cacophony + children's games could be simplified and made more fun!
Written by Michel FAVIER, 11-07-2022

No, I don't recommend it And that's a shame, because it seems easy to do better...with the same resources.

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by

This is a brand-new cruise, and your feedback will be useful to the organizers. We are sending them your very mixed opinion. We are sorry that this cruise did not meet your expectations.

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice but...
Written by STEPHANIE LEFEVRE, 06-07-2022

When you arrive at the quay, it's easy to find the pontoon - it's very well signposted. In the queue, someone comes to check your tickets and asks you to go through the ticket office again. I don't understand the point of setting up online tickets if you have to queue again at the ticket office... waste of time. Pick-up on the boat was fine. As for the cruise, I had understood that each child would be equipped with a helmet, but in fact not at all. The animators gave explanations by microphone. Despite their willingness to speak softly and articulately, the noise is such that you can hardly understand anything. Indeed, the boat is full of children... I thought this was a pity, and that the system should be reviewed. Also, this cruise isn't fun enough, it lacks a presentation of the monuments and Paris to the children, and a little culture would have been welcome, especially as the Miraculous cartoon is full of knowledge. My 6-year-old daughter greatly appreciated the proximity of the animators, even if she didn't understand the riddles because of the noise. Indeed, each of them took the time to go through the rows, to stop a few moments after the children and even to come and greet them at the end. All in all, it was a great experience for the children, but some things could be improved.

Star Star Star Star Star - Original
Written by Inesrabe, 02-07-2022

My child had trouble understanding the English-French passages. The 2 languages should be distinguished. The wait for the villain added suspense to the story. But the arrival of the villain would have been a plus. Bonne continuation

Written by Maëlle , 21-06-2022

It's a pity that tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable, even in the case of an act of God such as a heatwave. At a time when the government itself recommends avoiding outings...

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by

Hello madam, to our knowledge you have not contacted us to request a postponement of this cruise. In fact, tickets are usually neither exchangeable nor refundable, except in exceptional cases and with the agreement of Bateaux-Parisiens.

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