The Louvre for young people
Podcasts, videos, stories to watch and listen to at home

betting with little

If you can't take them to the Louvre, the Louvre will come to them!

Many parents have discovered "The Little Louvre" during the first lockdown.
It is an application dedicated to young children to make them discover the works of the Louvre with supports adapted to the small ones like videos or of Podcasts.

This application created by the Louvre Museum (the big one) is a godsend for parents looking for cultural activities at home for their offspring in these times of confinement or in winter when we stay at home more!

While waiting to take them to the great Louvre, discover these captivating contents entirely free.

Venus rises from the earth

The expedition to the Louvre

The Regent's epic

The tribulations of a Lady Stone

The flight of the Mona Lisa

Pretty stories told to children by a narrator who wanders through the aisles of the Louvre Museum. The works of art serve as a support for the storyteller to tell the story to the children.

  • See all the Autumn Tales ("the price of beautiful apples", "a wolf a little too greedy", "the tree that sings", "the reason of Bacchus"...)
  • See all Summer Tales ("the fisherman and the Mermaid", "Helios and Phateon", "the peasant and the devil", "the master of the garden"...)

A gallery of works composed ofabout fifteen works are explained in a simple way to children. Each of them is illustrated with a drawing.

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