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: the whole universe of Jules Verne in a dynamic and funny show
Age:  for children from 5 years old
DATES:  until April 5
Location:   Théâtre Edouard VII (Paris 9e)
Jules Verne, the musical of the season for children

Jules Vernes, the musical for the whole family

    • A frenzied journey through the works of Jules Verne with 15 artists on stage. Dancers, singers, actors and also human puppets
    • The pretext of this musical: Jules Verne is kidnapped by the evil Captain Nemo, so his brother and sister go looking for him
    • They play the mythical characters of Jules Verne's novels: Philéas Fogg and Michel Strogoff, to name the most famous, but also heroes of famous fairy tales such as Snow White or Cinderella?
    • There's even a life-size glitter dinosaur!
    • A nice family show with rhythm, intrigue, video sequences, shadow theater, lively music, actors and dancers of quality
    • A musical for the whole family, inspired by Broadway comedies
    • A 2h show


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