"Like princes at the Jacquemart-André Museum".

We love the Jacquemart-André museum and we are delighted to be able to offer a guided tour specially designed for children.
  • "Comme des princes au musée Jacquemart-André" is the family visit to the Jacquemart André Museum for 8-14 year olds accompanied by at least one adult
  • The objective of this family visit to the Jacquemart André museum is to show to the children, on the one hand the splendor of a Parisian mansion and also ofanalyze in a playful way some of the masterpieces from the Jacquemart André collection.
  • This private mansion was inhabited at the end of the 19th century by a couple passionate about art: Edouard André and Nelie Jacquemart. They gradually built up an extraordinary collection of immense masterpieces: Botticelli, Tiepolo, Guardi, Rembrandt, Vigée Lebrun, Donatello and many others...
  • During this guided tour, the young public discovers the daily life in a Parisian mansion in the 19th century. The children go through the many rooms: the vestibule, the reception rooms, the music room, the smoking room, the private apartments, the boudoir... and they discover the many little secrets (sometimes really surprising).
  • In addition to the mansion, this visit allows you to discover and analyze the major works of the Jacquemart André collection.


The family visit to the Jacquemart André Museum : RATES


  • Adult rate and child rate : 11,70? instead of 13?
  • The price includes the service of a guide but not the entrance ticket for the museum


The private tour is ideal for one or more families or for a child's birthday
  • Group rates (up to 22 people): 220 ? + entrance tickets to the Jacquemart André Museum for adults and children
  • For all reservation and/or quotation requests: Contact us by email
  • Visit in French, English, Spanish or Italian


  • 220 ?
  • Administrative vouchers are accepted
  • For availability and quote request: Contact us by email



  • Duration of the visit : 1h30
  • Age : Family visit adapted to 8 - 14 years old.
  • Children must be accompanied by at least one adult
  • This group visit is organized once or twice a month
  • 20 to 22 participants maximum
  • The private visit is possible on the day of your choice
  • Meeting place Jacquemart André Museum - RV Group reception
  • Visit in French for the group tour
  • Visit in French, English, Spanish and Italian for the private tour
  • With this tour, there is no line to enter the museum and you can stay as long as you want after the guided tour


guided tour for children at the jacquemart andré museum

visit of the Jacquemart museum in family

the hall of the Jacquemart-André museum

tickets for the Jacquemart-André museum

major work explained to 8-14 year olds

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