Film and Science Festival
October 25 to 30
- Free of charge -

WE love
it's educational and free
Age :  for the young public, from 5 years old
When:  October 25 to 30
Location:  At the National Museum of Natural History and the Institute of Earth Physics in Paris, right next to the Plant Garden

Rate: free of charge

the Pariscience festival, free in Paris for the whole family


  • Pariscience is a festival entirely free which has recently opened sessions for young audiences.
  • To marvel, share and make the big ones think... and the little ones think.
  • In the program :
    - short films about animals and nature for the little ones,
    - Maghreb adventure
    - discovery of the cobra and the amazing bees
    - space exploration and Apollo missions
    - meetings with scientists and film crews after the screenings
  • From 5/6 years old : Sunday 27 October at 11am : Science class(es)
    A selection of short films, especially animated ones, to introduce the youngest ones to several species (toad, crocodile, turtle...) in a poetic way.
  • From 8 years old: Saturday 26th October at 10.30am: Curious about Nature - Cobras and bees
    Set off on an adventure to discover fascinating species and the relationship that mankind has with them: the cobra and the bees.
  • From 11/12 years old : Saturday 26 October at 2.30pm: Xenius: Waves and Tides - The Force is with them
    Let's surf the waves, meet researchers and surfers, and discover this fragile, powerful and resourceful landscape.

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