Fable for a farewell

  • WE LOVE : a beautiful play in one of the 5 French national theaters
  • AGE: from 8 years old
  • DATE:
  • LOCATION: At the théâtre de la Colline (Paris 20th)

Fable for a Farewell : modern adaptation of the tale "The Little Mermaid

  • Every winter the théâtre de la Colline makes an appointment with the youth with contemporary creation for young audiences. The Théâtre de la Colline is one of the 5 French national theaters. The shows are recognized for their high quality.
  • This year, it is Fable for a Farewell, a contemporary tale where death meets magic.
  • It is a tale : "once upon a time" ... inspired by the famous tale of "The Little Mermaid. A young mermaid, preferring dry land, spends hours contemplating the infinite on a rock. Love will lead her to make a crucial choice that may change her life...
  • This modern tale, like all modern tales deals with existential questions and invites young and old to confront the fears, dilemmas and dreams of those who feel excluded from this world.
  • A show lasting 1h05.
  • Every year in December, the Théâtre de la Colline welcomes children like kings!
    The mezzanine space on the second floor is transformed into a living room with carpet and cushions.
    Want to read a comic book, have a hot or cold drink, play a game of table soccer? You are welcome to join us from 2pm.

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