An outdoor escape game to discover the beautiful Marais district
En famille (dès 10/11 ans), entre amis, entre adultes

Escape game en plein air à Paris

Practical Information & Rates

-10% de réduction avec le code FAMILINPROMO
  • 72€ instead of 80 € for a group of 2 to 6 people (regardless of the number of participants)
  • Duration of the Escape Game: 1h30 (including 15 minutes of presentation)
  • Distance traveled : about 2km
  • Meeting place : metro Saint-Paul
  • For les adultes et ados à partir de 10/11 ans

The escape-game "The secrets of the marsh"

The objective

You have 70 minutes to join the guide, with the only track a phone number.

This Escape Game aims to make you discover the Marais and its secrets in a fun way.

To get there, you will need to solve clues and mysteries that mark the course.

The Escape Game

Discover the magnificent Marais district, its history, its heritage and above all its secrets

You will work your brain, your sense of observation and orientation and your logic

No need to have a history license to get there!

But you will emerge from this Escape Game, enriched and unbeatable on the secrets of one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris

It's a team game, very nice to do with family or friends

Your guide can give you a little help if you are lost or stuck

You will have:

  • a map, a tablet and a book
  • your mobile phone to be reached by your guide if needed

WARNING (notice to small cheaters): your mobile will not be of any use to you to solve the puzzles (too fastoche). You will not find the answers to the riddles, they are much too subtle for Google ...

escape game en extérieur à paris dans le marais

❤ Why we love this Escape Game

    • A very nice idea to go out with the family on weekends
    • It's very playful? like all Escape Game with a cultural dimension. We discover the Marais while having fun
    • This game develops the sense of orientation and observation
    • A formula of Escape Game ideal for claustrophobic and for all those who dread to stay locked between 4 walls for 1h

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the ideal age for children (teens)? From 11/12 years old
  • Can we cancel the Escape Game if we have an impediment? You will find the conditions of cancellation on the site of our partner (click on BOOK)
  • Can teens do it alone? No, the presence of one adult per group is mandatory if the other participants are minors
  • And if it's raining? Ponchos are available to participants



Demaison Élisabeth

Pouvez-vous nous établir un devis pour L’escape game “Les secrets du Marais” le mercredi 21 octobre 2020, matin ou après-midi, pour 2 adultes et 11 jeunes de 12 à 15 du Conseil Municipal Jeunes. Nous ferions deux groupes de 5 ou 6 jeunes et un adulte dans chaque groupe.
En vous remerciant par avance.
Bien cordialement.
Élisabeth Demaison
Adjointe à l’enfance
Mairie de Gratentour
1 à 5 rue Cayssials
31150 Gratentour

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