School, leisure centre, youth association
For pre-teens and teens from 13/14 years old

escape game for schoolchildren in cycle 4 and high school

Escape Game "Investigation in the Halles district

  • THE PITCH OF THE GAME The Halles market moves to Rungis. The halles built by Baltard more than 100 years before are destroyed. The year was 1969. The workers discover the corpse of a man on the building site.
  • Who is this man? Who killed him? Was it a murder? No clues on the man's body. It's up to you to solve this enigma by walking through the Halles and Montorgueil districts with your team
  • In order to do so, you will need in a timely manner find clues, solve puzzles and to unravel mysteries related to the history of this area des Halles
  • Logica good sense of direction, some savvy and you will graduate as an inspector
  • Equipment provided: a map, a tablet and a book


  • Number of young people : up to about 24 young people for an outing
  • 4 teams max. (6 people per team)
  • For pre-teens and teens from 13/14 years old
  • Companions: presence of at least one adult per team
  • Duration: 1h30 (including 15mn presentation)
  • Distance traveled : about 2km
  • Meeting place : Porte Lescot (Les Halles metro station), in front of the Sephora store

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