The magic of Christmas at the Tuileries: the funfair in the heart of Paris
From Saturday 15 November to Sunday 5 January 2020

The magic of Christmas in the Tuileries Gardens

WE love : the funfair in the heart of Paris, in the Tuileries Gardenfor the end of the year celebrations
Must have: love apples, waffles and cotton candy
Prices : admission is free but attractions are not free

angling at the Tuileries fair

On the program of the Tuileries carnival:

  • There is the Christmas market and its hundred or so chalets selling artisanal products from the French regions.
  • There is the christmas rink based in the Tuileries
  • And there's the carnival (since 2018) with:
    • his thirty-something rides for young and old like flying chairs
    • the great classics such as the bumper cars where the ghost trains
    • the famous 70-metre Ferris wheel (which used to be on the Place de la Concorde) to get a spectacular view of Paris.
    • for the little ones  old merry-go-rounds of wooden horses, angling, slides...
    • For the older kids:  the Shootout, the roller coaster revisited that are very scary

schedule of the tuileries fair

Timetables and prices of the Tuileries festival :

  • The Tuileries carnival is open:
    • from Sunday to Thursday from 11am to 11.45pm
    • Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 12.45am.
  • Entrance is free but the attractions are not free of charge: from 2€ to 12€ depending on the attractions.

Practical information

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