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Traditional family circus, very close to its audience
Age:  for all, from 3 years old
Duration:  All year round
Location:   Capital Bormann (Paris 15th)
Bormann circus all year round in Paris

The Bormann Circus presents its latest show: "Juracirque

  • New family show, traditional but with a modern touch, under a comfortable marquee
  • We love that before the show, the children can learn some circus disciplines such as the wire or the Chinese plates.
  • On the ring during the show, the classic numbers of a circus still rooted in tradition follow one another: clown very present for the happiness of the little onesacrobatics (trapeze, seesaw, balance), hula hoop, lasso, juggling, horses, dromedary, camel, llama?
  • A nice show of 2 hours.


See the video of the show

Cirque Bormann, a traditional family circus in Paris

  • For 7 generations the Moreno-Bormann and Pauwels families perpetuate the art and tradition of the great Circus.
  • The circus Bormann is one of the last big family circuses. It is installed all year round in Paris for 35 years
  • It consists of 8 artists trained in the art of the circus since their childhood.
  • The Bormann Circus presents in the pure circus tradition shows with clowns, horses, dromedaries, jugglers, trapeze acts...
  • The Bormann Circus is a human-sized circus, close to its audience.
  • Before each performance, it offers free access to initiation and animation workshops, supervised by the artists. The children love it!


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