Presentation of a health certificate is mandatory for those over 18 years old

More than 13 000 specimens presented in 70 basins...
Take advantage of our reduced rates all year long, from 2 adult or child tickets purchased
The Aquarium of Paris is the most beautiful aquarium of Paris
70 tanks, a giant aquarium full of sharks, a shark tunnel, 3 "nursery" aquariums, a medusarium (fascinating)
and a pool to caress carp and goldfish (fish love it!)

aquarium de paris reduced rate

WE LOVE  Open 7 days a week, even on holidays
REDUCED RATES ALL YEAR LONG : adult duo offer and child duo offer. Discount valid all year round without restriction
FREE: for children under 3 years old


  • It's a very educational place and perfectly adapted to a very young audience
  • It is a great classic for a family outing (children love)
  • Many animations and workshops are provided for children


  • Reduced rates valid all year round with the duo offers
  • E-ticket immediately on your smartphone (no need to print the ticket)
  • In order to respect the sanitary norms, the tickets are time stamped. Thank you for coming on the day and time chosen at the time of booking
  • Once your payment is made, you will receive your e-ticket by email to be scanned at the museum entrance. No need to go to the cash desk
  • The reservation date can be changed, if necessary. However, once issued, tickets are neither cancelable nor refundable.

At the Aquarium of Paris, we do not miss

  • 70 basins which present all the French coasts of Metropolitan France and overseas
  • A giant aquarium full of sharks in front of which one can sit to observe the ballet of the fish
  • A shark tunnel
  • A tank with sometimes shark eggs
  • A medusarium : it's all new and fascinating. 24 pools filled with jellyfish of all colors ...
  • A pond for stroking carp and goldfish (Fish love it!)
  • A very educational place and perfectly adapted to children
  • ? ? Claire the Mermaid and other shows at the Paris Aquarium. The hours are variable,  consult them here
  • Feeding fish
  • Educational films
  • The anniversary formulas for children from 3 to 10 years old


Practical information

See schedule details
  • Open every day of the week (Monday to Sunday) from 10am to 7pm
  • Open every day except July 14th
  • Nocturne every Saturday (7pm - 10pm) - Special rates


I would like to reserve seats for 15 young people for Wednesday, February 19. I absolutely must make the reservation online? And do the places I order have an expiration date? Thank you

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Olivia Team Familin'Paris

Our discounted rates are only available online. The tickets are undated, but you have priority and do not have to go to the cashier. You enter the Aquarium immediately. Tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

I would like to visit the aquarium with my 11 year old daughter. What price proposal would you give me so that it is still a good plan?
Thank you

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Olivia Team Familin'Paris

Hello Madam,
We are very sorry, but we do not have a negotiated rate for 1 adult and 1 child.

Frikia Ibouanga

Hello, I would like to know how much the family pass is? And how many members does it count for because I am an adult with 4 children, and what is the birthday package for 3 to 10 years old?

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Olivia Team Familin'Paris

The price is 55 euros for 4 adults or children without restrictions. The pass can be used by 4 adults for example.
For the anniversary formula, go to this link:

Hello, we are in Paris, we are 2 adults and 2 children (is the access to the aquarium of Paris is free between the 7th and the 9th of June?

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Olivia Team Familin'Paris

Hello, the Tropical Aquarium of Paris will be free on the weekend of June 8 (Ocean Festival), not the other aquariums. The Aquarium de Paris and the Sea Life Aquarium will be free.

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Agnès Team Familin'Paris

Hello, this pass is valid for 4 persons without age condition during the school vacations of the zone C and during the summer vacations.

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