Big fireworks from 11pm ? Spectacular !
What are the best places to see it?

The fireworks of July 14 in Paris

The fireworks of July 14: a ritual not to be missed

The fireworks of July 14 is the ritual impossible to circumvent, spectacular and flamboyant which closes in beauty the festivities of July 14. As every year, it is fired around 11 pm, after the great operatic concert, since Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero gardens. The theme of the fireworks of July 14 of 2019 is "The Federations". The duration of this great fireworks show is 35 minutes.

The best spots to admire the fireworks

The 14th of July fireworks are of course a family event that everyone enjoys. The main difficulty is to find a place to see it without spending a fortune.

One of the best solutions with children is to arrive in the early afternoon on the Champ de Mars. We settle there with all the necessary to picnic, we attend the concert of 21h then we admire the fireworks. The only constraint is to arrive very early.

Many bridges in Paris offer a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and the fireworks. These are good spots to admire the fireworks of July 14th. From the bridges of Arts, Concorde, or Alexandre III, you will have a magnificent view on the fireworks.  But, as for the Champ de Mars, you should plan to come early, in the afternoon, to be sure to be well installed.

Another solution to see the fireworks, look for the places in height of Paris! You will see it, certainly from a distance, but for free and perhaps with less crowd, from for example the Montmartre hillock or the Belleville garden.

A very nice formula to admire the fireworks during an exceptional eveningis to offer yourself the Bateaux Parisiens' July 14th special cruise. Seated dinner formula on board or gourmet box, it's expensive but unforgettable.

The open-excursion boat  will unfortunately not work this summer 2021. They are normally one of the few boat companies on the Seine that can navigate on July 14th during the day and evening For departures after 9:30 pm, the route is modified, because around 10 pm a navigation stop forbids to pass beyond the Alma bridge. Nevertheless with these last departures you are well placed to see the fireworks as the ships return to the Conference Port. Guests on board can see the fireworks either from the ship or from the dock if they have already disembarked.

Please note that theObservatory of Montparnasse Tower is organizing a special evening for July 14th. The view from the panoramic terrace is breathtaking. But besides the crowd, it is necessary to count approximately 50 euros per person for the evening.

Security measures during the July 14 festivities

Access to the Champ-de-Mars is open to the general public, but there will be screening at the entrance to the streets and squares that allow access to the Champ de Mars. The following streets and squares will be closed to traffic: Place des Martyrs juifs du vélodrome d'hiver, quai Branly, pont d'Iéna, place de la Résistance, quai Branly, avenue de la Bourdonnais, place de l'école militaire, place Joffre, avenue de la Motte-Picquet to boulevard de Grenelle, avenue de Suffren.

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