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Victorine lives in Trouville-sur-mer. After scientific studies in biotechnology (specializing in agri-food), she is now living her passion! This very young woman who during her childhood kept repeating "I want to be a cook" is now fulfilling her dream. She has been delighting us for 3 years as head of the Coffe Shop Villa Gypsy in Trouville-sur-Mer. Victorine's cooking is inspired by her travels! She also proposes her sweet recipes on her blog. Vicky The Cook.

Victoria Coffe Shop Chef Villa Gypsy

Your confinement bedside book

Cooking, always cooking... these are recipe books brought back from the four corners of the world...

A film during these long days of confinement

Not really a movie but rather all the Netflix series that occupy my confinement between 2.3 recipe ideas.

The music that's playing with you right now

"Dance Monkey" by Tones and I. As soon as I listen to it I feel like singing and dancing even at home during confinement!

Your anti-depression drink

My love for aperitifs with friends, as a lover, in a nice bar, on the beach and well at the moment it's more like a glass of wine while cooking a delicious meal.

Your signature recipe at Coffee Shop Villa Gypsy

My bowls ! They change every day: cereals, raw or oven roasted vegetables, from seedsand herbs and always lots of spices (traveling, always traveling)!

Your 5 fetish ingredients in the kitchen

Chocolate, seeds, fresh herbs, ginger and all the spices.

Your worst memory in the kitchen

The Saturday before lockdown... our whole setup was set up for Sunday brunch. And that night we learned that the next day we wouldn't open... We went to the store to empty out the refrigerators.

An unsurpassed express recipe for everyday use.

Roasted vegetables !

Any vegetable will do. Cut them in half lengthwise. Put them on a plate. A little olive oil, spices, salt, pepper, sometimes even a little honey. In the oven for 40 minutes and hop! Hot or even cold, in a salad it's just a marvel!

Your upcoming projects (culinary)

The events that await me where I will be a service provider, to cook gourmet dishes! (I keep my fingers crossed that the confinement of hard not too ...)

Your good addresses in Trouville-sur-mer

I love to go for a drink at the bar Les 4 chats then cross the street to finish the evening in their restaurant which is an institution in Trouville-sur-mer! Otherwise there is a place ... it's the beach ... my great happiness to finish my day in the summer and go for a healthy picnic ... or even a pizza that works!

Charlotte Corday's pastries, in particular the Karl Zero (Coffee, nuts, caramel: a delight). Yes, because here the cakes have celebrity names!

And for a good ice cream, I recommend Martine Lambert. The flavours, the texture... and even their ice cream cake "the succulent one" topped with chocolate. I'm heading straight there after lockdown.

His addresses in Trouville-sur-mer

For lunch or brunch (Sunday) : le Coffe Shop Villa Gypsy
For a drink the bar Les 4 chats
For dinner the restaurant Les 4 chats
To buy a pastry : Charlotte Corday (pastries have celebrity names)
To eat an ice cream at Martine Lambert's
A decoration shop Villa Gypsy, of course!

Victorine's recipes

A salty recipe: the zucchini pancakes
A recipe for the snack: sand roses
A recipe for toddlers: the little iced chipmunks


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