Family friendly addresses




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Not always easy to find a restaurant in Paris when traveling with children or at the weekend on a family outing. Lunch on the run, dinner in a mythical Parisian brasserie, take a break in a famous tea Room, brunch on sunday in peace while the children are taken care of, to treat yourself to an ice cream in summer at one of the best glaciers in the capital, our restaurant addresses in Paris with family or without children.
le super café fans le 19e à paris

Family Friendly restaurants

Some addresses where children and teens will be welcome: children's menus, card adapted to small appetites, high chairs etc ...

le cafezoine à paris, une adresse de restaurant bio

Organic and vegan restaurants

Lovers of organic, gluten-free (often by necessity) or vegetarian, (by choice) here is a small selection of restaurants where you can take your children

Bouillon chartier, restaurant pas cher et de tradition à Paris

Real institutions

Great Parisian brasseries, French cuisine ... Typical establishments of the capital that are often found in tourist guides.

nanashi paradis, pour un brunch kid friendly

Kid Friendly brunches

Our favorite family-friendly brunches in Paris that offer "little ones" for kids.

Angelina, salon de thé et patisserie à Paris

Our favorite tea rooms

Our favorite addresses at tea time: mythical addresses, small neighborhood addresses ...

Ladurée : le restaurant et salon de thé incontournable à Paris

Our pastries

Gourmet addresses in Paris for sweet tooth or for those who are hungry at tea time.