WE LOVE :  we love everything about Vaux-le-Vicomte! It is an extraordinary castle and park
TO DISCOVER :  the new soundtrack for children and adults
for children under 6


It is a spatialized sound journey to discover the fascinating history of Fouquet and the great characters who have marked the history of Vaux-le-Vicomte. You are equipped with a helmet with binaural sound or 3D sound (an absolutely amazing sound quality). Mini-sensors detect your presence in each room and the story is told to you on a journey (between 30mn and 1h30, depending on your movements from room to room). A feat of technology!

  • This sound path is included in the price of the entrance ticket.
  • The adult course It is "The Fouquet Affair" which will plunge you into the heart of the great hours of the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte. You will relive the intrigues between Nicolas Fouquet, Louis XIV, Le Nôtre, Vatel... This audio tour is offered in French, English, German
  • The Youth Course The fabulous story of Vaux" (written by the writer and playwright Timothée de Fombelle). Through a beautiful tale, children will discover the castle accompanied by the characters of Jean de La Fontaine, Fouquet's friend, and Panache, a squirrel (emblem of Fouquet) flying, the (imaginary) genius of the domain... This sound tour is offered in French and English

These immersive sound trails were recorded by actors, in period costumes and in the castle. You can hear the crackling of the fireplace, the creaking of the floor and the rustling of fabrics... A remarkable theatrical production. These two tours can be done simultaneously and at the same pace. This audio tour does not replace the audio guides (also included in the ticket price).


  • Visit the castle in period costume : you can rent period costumes for children (2 to 14 years old) and adults. Rental fee: 4 ? for children and 6 ? for adults.
  • The riddle booklet (one for 6-9 year olds and another for 9-12 year olds) runway games offered with the entrance ticket. They transform the visit of the castle and the gardens into an investigation of life in the 17th century.
  • The other games of the Fountain to enjoy the park: The Hare and the Tortoise, The Oak and the Bike, The Lost Moral : more info on the other games of la Fontaine

favorite : the costumes for children to put on before the visits


  • Rental of electric carts (20? for 45 minutes): very nice and practical to visit and move around the park and reach the statue of Hercules (at the end of the park). Guaranteed success with children and teenagers!
  • The Styx, the river of the underworld  (duration 1h30 approximately) : it is a course, fun and interactive in the underground riverby Le Nôtre in 1654. Feet in the water, equipped with waders and headlampYou will have to overcome a series of tests of agility and logic in the company of a professional actor, around the text of Jean de la Fontaine " Les amours de Psyché et Cupidon ". For families (from 8 years old and minimum 1m30). Price: 60? per game for 2 to 6 players. Reservation strongly advised .


  • THE TREASURE HUNT DURING THE EASTER VACATIONS The children will discover the life of the squirrel, emblem of Nicolas Fouquet
  • EGG HUNT FOR THE EASTER WEEKEND:  April 3, 4 and 5, 2021. More than 85,000 hidden eggs in the groves of the garden, Egg hunts for children every half hour and 5 adult egg hunts per day (without reservation). And also creative and gourmet workshops for children, including: engraving, face painting, activities on the theme of chocolate etc. (registration on site)
  • CANDLELIGHT EVENINGS  : every Saturday evening from June 5 to October 2, 2021. Vaux le Vicomte is famous for its candlelight tours and dinners. Every Saturday evening, from June to the beginning of October, the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte and the 33 hectares of gardens designed by Le Nôtre are lit by candles.
    The show is magical with more than 2000 candles flickering in the whole domain (park and castle).
  • THE GREAT CENTURY DAY : May 29, 2021. Visit of the castle and the park in period costume. Elegance contests, exchanges of advice for the realization of costumes and lunches on the grass are on the program of this day placed under the sign of the aesthetics and the pleasure.
  • CHRISTMAS AT THE CASTLE  Christmas at Vaux-le-Vicomte is a magical time. A show every day, dreamy decorations, a magnificent tree set up in the Grand Salon and hundreds of candles.

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