Theater - With teens
Awarded 4 Molières

The Turing machine, the true story of a man who changed the world

  • WE LOVE : a fascinating story of an incredible destiny
  • AGE : with teens
  • DATE: resumption in August - Until December 22, 2024
  • DURATION: 1h25
  • LOCATION: at the Palais Royal theater (Paris, 1st)
  • The incredible fate of an English mathematician who broke the secret German Enigma code during World War II
  • Alan Turing built a thinking machine that turned out to be the first computer. Forced into silence by the secret services, he was condemned for homosexuality, before committing suicide by biting a poisoned apple strangely reminiscent of a famous logo...
  • A very good show, with talented actors and a story that does not leave indifferent

An interesting play for teenagers who discover with the Turing machine the beginnings of the computer and artificial intelligence.

4 times awardede in Les Molières theater :

  • Molière for private theater
  • Molière for the Actor in a Private Theater show: Benoit Solès
  • Molière of the Living Francophone Author : Benoit Solès
  • Molière for the Director of a private theater show : Tristan Petitgirard.
theatre play Turing's machine at the Palais Royal

At the moment, in and around Paris

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