Great Sound and Light Show in the courtyard of the Invalides
  • WE LOVE An original sound and light show in the splendid courtyard of the Invalides
  • Ageideal from 10 years old
  • Dates July 7 to August 26, 2021
  • Place Cour des Invalides (Paris 7ème)

NAPOLEON, THE FLIGHT OF THE EAGLE: the new show of the Nuit aux Invalides

  • Every summer for the past 9 years, the magnificent courtyard of the Hôtel des Invalides present the Night at the Invalides, the great sound and light show of the summer in Paris
  • The principle of this great show: in the magnificent courtyard of the Invalides, at nightfall, you attend a great historical, musical and digital show
  • This year, on the occasion of the bicentenary of the death of Napoleon, it is the Napoleonic epic that is told to us. The facades of the courtyard are gradually illuminated and the legend of Napoleon and his legacy are told to us in video, lights and music. It is a spectacular sensory experience
  • The show lasts about 50 minutes
  • The performances take place from Tuesday to Saturday, in July at 10:30 pm and in August at 10 pm
  • Tip: bring a pillow or plaid to sit on the show. Chairs are paying
Courtyard of the Invalides illuminated during the night at the Invalides

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