Get caught up in the game, find the Space Invaders (in Paris and elsewhere)
and flash them via the mobile application "Flash Invader"!

Invader Picasso in the Marais


A Space Invader is a small mosaic by the artist Franck Slama on street corners of more than 70 cities around the world.

Franck Slama is a street artist and mosaicist.He was born in 1969 in France and trained at the Beaux-Arts in Paris.

He started to install his unique small works - illegally - in 1996. There are about 1,430 of them in Paris and more than 3,700 worldwide. They're called "little urban viruses.".

These mosaic collages represent fictional characters (Spiderman, Mario Kart...), cartoon characters (Smurfs...) or real characters (Picasso, Serge Gainsbourg, ), animals, funny objects or everyday objects. A little monster is Frank Slama's signature and it's found on a lot of Invaders. He's still gluing them all over the world. It's a street art that differs by the material used (small colored or black and white mosaics).

The location chosen by the artist is not necessarily related to the theme of Space Invaders, even if we find for example Dr. House next to the Pitiful Saltpetre or a little Pablo Picasso not far from the Picasso museum (in the Marais).

Other artists, pseudo-artists or budding artists have been inspired by Franck Slama.

the little monster of Space Invaders by Franck Slama


It's a free application to download on your mobile (Flashinvaders, A reality game by INVADER).

This Flash Invaders application allows you to scan the Space Invaders spotted on the walls of Paris.

You get a score in number of points. The number of points is different depending on size, location or difficulty in finding it.

You will get a score that will evolve according to the number of Flash and you will be ranked among all the other players.


If they're dragging their feet (for the little ones) or have their eyes glued to their laptops (for teenagers), challenge them! Find Space Invaders in Paris by walking around and flash them with your mobile application.
They'll have their noses up in the air and time will seem shorter if they don't like the ride.

It's a game you get into quickly! And it's all over the world (if you travel with your children).

Careful, not all of them are real Invaders. Good hunting!


The aim of this guided tour is to tell the story of the Marais with the support of Street Art and the Invaders.

It is ideal with family, from 8 years old. It lasts 1h30 (for a route of about 2km) and is led by a guide.

space invaders in Paris worth 100 points

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