A great exhibition to do with children from 9 years old
A journey from the kitchen to the table
A playful and interactive visit that awakens all the senses
Until August 7, 2022
raphael Chaumont and thierry Marx in the banquet exhibition at the cite des sciences

The "Banquet" exhibition

This exhibition tells us about the banquet, its origin, its meaning, its rites according to the countries, its social utility but also the codes that it imposes. But before sitting down at the table, a banquet is prepared: we cook, we test, we taste, we prepare, we taste... This exhibition is a very playful, interactive but also scientific journey, because cooking is also chemistry (and alchemy)!

3 main themes addressed in the exhibition:

  • The kitchen: There are the utensils, the technical gestures, the association of ingredients according to their molecules and the gustatory intensity of these molecules... 12 stations to discover including the pantry, the dance of the utensils, the cooking or the workshop
  • The amuse-bouche: we taste, we smell, we test... before going to the table. It's the moment to get your neurons working and to stimulate your taste buds
  • The Banquet a real visual, sound and sensory show. We won't tell you more, but it's just magic!

Fun experiments for young and old:

  • The gesture in the kitchen: peel a potato with a mandolin. Attention, your gesture will be analyzed and noted
  • Taste analysis: recognize the flavor of a madeleine. But don't rely on the color
  • Sensory analysis: know how to recognize 4 smells
  • To crunch a coriander seed while pinching the nose and without pinching the nose. The sensations are not the same, the effect is amazing!
  • An invitation to a banquet: invited to a huge banquet, the waltz of dishes can begin. Open your eyes, your nostrils and your ears

To do in the area of the Cité des Sciences

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Practical information

View schedule details Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 10am to 7pm (except Monday)

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