Blow of heart in the Marais

Tavline, Israeli restaurant in the <strong>Marais</strong>.


Tavline means spices in Hebrew.

Wooden tables and chairs, colored cushions, floor tiles and bleached beams give a soft and warm atmosphere at this little restaurant of the street of the King of Sicily.

The starters and dishes are prepared by a chef of Moroccan origin (former Ducasse). The kitchen is raised (but not too much), spicy (just right) and the products are fresh. On the menu are classics such as hummus, burnt eggplants and fish balls. The sauces are tasty and fragrant.

We've tested the tasting plate (3 entries) as well as Hatzil & Sartan (eggplants), Moroccan Cigars (chicken with very fragrant curcumin) and roasted sweet potatoes (delicious). And we feasted.

A la carte, fish and / or meat for dishes and several entries some of which vegetarian.

rest Tavline in the 4th district in Paris

Tavline, Israeli cuisine in the Marais
Tavline, Israeli restaurant on rue du roi de Sicile in the Marais

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Practical information

View schedule details From Tuesday to Saturday from 12h to 14h and from 19h30 to 22h. Closed on Sunday and Monday

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