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We recommend 3 podcasts that are sure to please your children. There are tales for toddlers (for 3-5 year olds), historical podcasts for 7-12 year olds and fiction for 6-12 year olds (classics or not). This list of podcasts is of course to be expanded. So, above all, do not hesitate to advise us...

Keeku, the new podcast platform (ages 6 - 12)

podcasting platform for children
More than 1500 podcasts to listen to without moderation: tales, fables, funny stories, meditation or relaxation exercises...


Nth day of confinement and you've skimmed all the history books in the house to read to your children. France Inter takes over to give you a break and proposes toddler very nice stories to listen to "A Story and... Oli" podcast. right before bedtime.

These are tales for children from 3 to 5 years old told by authors like Chloé Delaume, Katherine Pancol, Zep, Delphine de Vigan, Guillaume Meurice or Alain Mabanckou... Very nice stories to fall asleep!

For example, listen to this: "Omar's Papers." narrated by Séverine Vidal and Sophia Aram,  "The Santa Claus Network" narrated by François Morel, "The secret of the parents" narrated by Nicolas Mathieu, "The Merchant of Friends" narrated by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, "The Little Potato Who Wanted to be a Fierce Dog." narrated by Nicole Ferroni, "The little girl who was afraid of the dogs and the wind in the trees." narrated by Véronique Ovaldé...

france inter podcast for children

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A great Podcast for children "The Odysseys" (7 to 12 years old)

It was thought and produced by Laure Grandbesançon (radio columnist and producer). Each Podcast lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the theme. Some are linked to school programs. A fun way to make them revise their classics.

Some themes among the 25 Podcasts offered to children :

  • The discovery of the Lascaux Cave
  • the life of Socrates
  • Merlin and the creation of the round table
  • Investigating the Man in the Iron Mask
  • Investigating the Loch Ness Monster

The Odyssey, the podcast for children

Fictions for young people to listen to on France Culture (for 6 - 12 year olds)

France Culture offers fiction for young people. There is something for all ages! Tintin or Asterix in sound version, tales, fiction with music, stories to fall asleep, others for the day. A whole imaginary world to discover...

Some examples to listen to among France Culture's youth fiction :

  • Asterix and the Zizania
  • Tintin: the cigars of the Pharaoh
  • Stories of the Ear Clamp
  • Little Nicholas
  • The adventures of Mowgli


podcast to listen to for children

When the lockdown is behind us... our selection of shows for young audiences in Paris

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