13 hectares of nature - over 800 varieties of trees
the trees of the Paris arboretum
  • WE love : a little-known park, a true living museum of the tree
  • Age: for everyone
  • Open all year round from 9:30 am to 6 pm
  • Location: next to the Vincennes racecourse (Paris 12e)
  • Free: for everyone, all year round
arboretum next to the Vincennes racecourse
the arboretum of Paris in front of the Du Breuil school

The Arboretum of Paris: the living museum of the tree at the gates of Paris

  • The Arboretum of Paris is a living museum dedicated to trees and with an educational vocation
  • It covers 13 hectares and presents 1200 trees, 650 species of hardwoods and conifersvarious environments including a wetland and a limestone meadow, all in a natural environment
  • The center of the arboretum is dedicated to conifers. Mais on y trouve aussi au nord les chênes et les saules, au sud les érables, tilleuls et frênes… Un petit étang accueille  » l’arbre au caramel « , dont les feuilles répandent une douce odeur de caramel en automne lorsqu’on les froisse
  • All trees are labeled, you will not miss any specimen!
  • The walk begins with the central alley lined with maples and lindens which leads to a magnificent yew tree several dozen meters high. Afterwards, you are free to follow the marked path under the canopy or to take the side paths. The map of the Paris Arboretum is here.
  • Among the 5 trees not to be missed : the giant sequoia, It is located in the center of the arboretum, in front of the main entrance. The weeping cedar of the Atlasa funny tree that looks like the dog Pollux.The handkerchief tree (China)), which is planted at the edge of the pond near the small bridge (to the right of the main entrance). The Napoleon pine whose bark seems to be composed of scales of several colors gray-green, looking very much like a military mesh. The Coulter Pine or widowmaker treebeautiful pine tree. Chinese elm, The tree is very rare and in danger of extinction in its country of origin.

Practical information

See schedule details Every day of the year from 9:30 am to 6 pm

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