The most beautiful parks and gardens in Paris

Playground, picnic area, merry-go-round, bike, pony...

Paris counts near 500 parks, gardens and neighbourhood squares. Almost all parks and gardens in Paris are free.. A few exceptions of parks or gardens for which entrance fees are charged (a few euros) such as the Jardin d'Acclimatation, the Albert Khan Garden or the Floral Park in spring and summer.
The first rays of sunshine will make you want to go outside and turn green. In the summer, you pack your picnic basket and enjoy the big lawns or the shade of the trees. The days of heat wavebathing suits and water jets. for children (in the acclimatization garden or in the André Citroen park). And to have fun, we take them to the gardens with playgrounds, pony rideminiature golf, merry-go-round or spider's keep your children busy and entertained for a good part of the day.


Discover the parks and gardens below

<noscript><img src=The Arboretum of Versailles-Chevreloup">

The Arboretum of Versailles-Chevreloup

  • 200 hectares of nature - more than 2500 varieties of trees
  • Free for everyone every 1st Sunday of the month

<noscript><img src=Puppet and puppet shows">

Puppet and puppet shows

  • A classic for little ones
  • From 2 to 3 years
  • In the 8th, the 17th and in the 92nd
  • Low cost activity

<noscript><img src=Outdoor Puppet shows">

Outdoor Puppet shows

  • Guignol's outdoor shows
  • Ideally from 2/3 years old
  • In the 8th, the 17th and in the 92nd

<noscript><img src=The park of the Domaine de Chantilly (open)">

The park of the Domaine de Chantilly (open)

  • A magnificent park of 115 hectares
  • Free for children under 7 years old

<noscript><img src=The sculpture garden of the Rodin Museum">

The sculpture garden of the Rodin Museum

  • Exceptional sculptures in a beautiful park
  • For everyone
  • Free for under 18s (under 26s if EU citizen)

<noscript><img src=The Buttes-Chaumont">

The Buttes-Chaumont

  • In the 19th century, 25 ha in the heart of Paris
  • Free access

<noscript><img src=Monceau Park as a family">

Monceau Park as a family

  • Very pretty park with lawns open to all
  • In the 8th
  • Free access

<noscript><img src=Georges-Valbon Park (or Parc de la Courneuve)">

Georges-Valbon Park (or Parc de la Courneuve)

  • In Seine-Saint-Denis and Val d'Oise
  • Free access

<noscript><img src=Garden plants">

Garden plants

  • In the 5th
  • Free access

<noscript><img src=The Luxembourg Garden">

The Luxembourg Garden

  • In the 6th
  • Free access, paying activities

<noscript><img src=The Floral Park of Paris">

The Floral Park of Paris

  • In the 12th (on the edge of the Bois de Vincennes)
  • Paid access (except in low season)

<noscript><img src=The garden of acclimatization">

The garden of acclimatization

  • In the Bois de Boulogne
  • A great mini amusement park for kids
  • Paid access

<noscript><img src=Boating in or near Paris">

Boating in or near Paris

  • 3 lakes in Paris to go boating
  • Rental at less than 15€ for 1 hour

<noscript><img src=GoodPlanet Foundation">

GoodPlanet Foundation

  • In the Bois-de-Boulogne
  • Free access

<noscript><img src=France Miniature">

France Miniature

  • The largest miniature park in Europe to discover the French heritage
  • In Elancourt (78)
  • Free for children under 4

The puppet shows

Pony rides

promenade en poney pour les petits à Paris


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