Water, water!
Guide to water games in Parisian parks

It's hot, too hot. Quickly a corner with water! In addition to Parisian pools with small pool for children or Aquaboulevard which is of course a must in the summer, or finally the new swimmable area of Paris Beaches at Villettethere's the option of water games in some parks in Paris. Water games in Parisian parks are unfortunately still too rare. The nicest one is of course the acclimatisation garden (you can easily spend the day there, but there is a charge for admission), but if you are short of time, don't forget to the André Citroën park in the 15th or Martin Luther King Park in the 17th.. They are equipped with water games that will please your children for sure! To the north of Paris, the very large Courneuve park also has a beautiful water playground.
les fontaines à eau des parcs parisiens

At Parc André Citroën, in the 15th

  • The André Citroën Park, it is 14 hectares of lawns and vegetation
  • Unlike most Parisian parks and gardensat the André Citroën park you will not find well-ordered French gardens but a wild nature that gives the impression of being very far from Paris
  • To cool off, there is the famous fountains of the park. They are located northeast of the park and thanks to their 72 jets, they are ideal when it's hot in Paris.
  • The originality of these fountains is thatthey gush out at a variable rate and power.  Kids love to be surprised and get wet

Useful information

  • Opening hours: Every day from 7am to 9.30pm
  • Access 2 Cauchy Street 75015 Paris
  • Getting there: by metro, line 8 (Lourmel station), - By RER C (Boulevard Victor station), T3a Tramway
  • PRICE: Free

jeux d'eau dans les parcs parisiens : fontaines à eau du parc André Citroen

At the Acclimatation Garden in the Bois de Boulogne (in the 16th)

    • The Garden of Acclimation, it is 18 hectares of freshness and greenery in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne
    • To cool off, there is the paddling pool who faces the Grandes Ecuries. It is embellished with guns and fountains among which children love to get wet... The paddling pool is completed throughout the summer by giant slides from where the water rushes. Splashes guaranteed for children. ! Meanwhile, parents can enjoy the lounge chairs around the wading pool. Happiness !
    • On thepicnic area, other water points with a beautiful curtain of water, and large hoops that spread a cool and wet mist over those who cross them.
    • The whole park is equipped with atomizers nice during hot weather

Useful information

  • Hours: Every day from 10am to 8pm
  • Access to the woods: Carrefour des Sablons, Bois de Boulogne
  • Getting there: by metro, line 1 (Les Sablons station), - By bus, line 43 (Les Sablons stations)
  • PRICE: Free once paid the entrance of the garden: from 2.50 euros

jeux d'eau pour les enfants au jardin d'acclimatation

At Martin Luther King Park, in the 17th

    • Martin Luther King Park is one of the newest parks in Paris. Created in the Batignolles district, near the Avenue de Clichy, on the grounds of a former goods station, it is part of this generation of new parks, designed around themes. 3 themes characterize Martin Luther King Park: seasons, sports and water
    • To cool off, this Parisian park has a space of water jets located between the gardens and ponds, in front of the Forge Building. These are 50 water jets  that allow everyone, young and old, to cool off. This system of water jets was inspired by that of the André Citroën Park. Kids love!

Useful information

  • Opening hours: Every day from 7am to 9.30pm
  • Access: 147, rue Cardinet Paris 17ème
  • How to get there: By metro, line 13 (Brochant station), - By RER (Pont Cardinet station)
  • PRICE: Free jeux d'eau dans les parcs parisiens

At La Courneuve Park (Georges-Valbon Park), in 93 and 95

    • La Courneuve Park is located in Seine Saint-Denis and Val d'Oise. With 414 hectares, iteast the 3rd largest green space around Paris after the Bois de Boulogne and the Bois de Vincennes. Created in the 70's, it is at the same time a nature park and an amusement park. It is an ideal park for a family outing. There you can relax, picnic, do sports, bike and for nature lovers there are 2 nature trails.
    • To refresh oneself, this park has a magnificent space of giant water jets. On the shores of the large lake, misters and water jets are installed in the garden of the senses during the summer months.  Kids love!

Useful information

  • Hours: Every day from 7am to 8pm
  • How to get there: By bus: line 249 (station Cimetière), line 250 (station Parc des sports), line 252 (station cité Floréal)
    By RER: line B (La Courneuve Aubervilliers station)
    By Tram: line T11 (Dugny-La Courneuve station)
    By car: by motorway: A1, A86, direction Nanterre (exit La Courneuve Saint-Denis)
  • PRICE: Freejeux d'eau dans les parcs parisiens, dont au parc de la Courneuve

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