• WE LOVE : these exceptional free days for children up to 13 years old
  • AGE : from 3 years
  • DATE : from friday april 12 to sunday april 14, 2024
  • HOURS 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • WHERE : Paris Zoological Park (Paris 12e, Bois de Vincennes)
  • KNOWLEDGE : Reserve your seats to be sure of being able to participate

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Parc zoologique de Paris celebrates 10 years of reopening

Better known as the "Vincennes Zoo", the Paris Zoological Park invites everyone under the age of 13 to experience its reopening anniversary for 3 days! As a family, with toddlers or teenagers, this is a golden opportunity to rediscover the zoo and its animals, its history and its evolution.

The program for these exceptional days includes several highlights for young and old alike.

Activities, a photo exhibition retracing the events of the past few years and a special feeding program with commentary on sea lions, lions, pumas, penguins and jaguars (every 15 minutes).

A lot has happened in 10 years! That's as many years of mediation in favor of animals and biodiversity. With the aim of convincing visitors of all ages of the need to protecting nature.

Activities are available for all ages from 3 upwards. Other activities will be organized throughout the year, such as Sundays at the zoo for babies and toddlers, an egg hunt at Easter, a nature festival in May and nocturnes throughout the summer.

Rides in the zoological parks are special moments with children, who discover the fragility of nature and learn about new environments.

But what has happened in 10 years of reopening?

Since its reopening in 2014, the Paris Zoological Park - Zoo du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle - has transformed over 14 hectares of the Bois de Vincennes into a world tour of biodiversity.

The Paris Zoological Park in figures:

  • Opening in 2014: 1,200 animals belonging to 180 species
  • End 2023: 3246 animals of 254 species
  • In 2023 there were 231 births, 18 species left the collection, 12 were new; 236 animals arrived from other establishments, 53 left.
  • In 2024, two female white rhinoceroses, a female manatee and two female southern fur seals are expected to join the breeding program to maintain the species.
  • 5 biozones have been recreated to represent the ecosystems present on earth: Patagonia, Sahel-Sudan, Europe, Guyana and Madagascar

An important educational role:

  • In addition to classic tours, we've added seasonal events. "zoo silent" and "summer thursdays since 2016, allow you to get up close to the animals until nightfall
  • Another close-up experience outside the tour route is a delight for small groups. "Giraffe breakfast take part in a privileged moment with a soigneur before the Park opens
  • The "Sundays at the zoo are activities designed for very young audiences. For babies and toddlers: family readings and shows
  • Mediation is at the heart of the park's concerns. Every day, 4 zoo staff members organize "flash animations 10 or 20 minutes in front of the sea lion tank or the puma aviary.

Research and conservation projects

  • A dozen projects are currently underway for the protecting endangered species
  • Breeding programs and field missions around the world
  • From Madagascar to Guadeloupe and from Kenya to Patagonia: releasing vultures, learning to live with rhinoceroses or approaching Humboldt penguin colonies... are all part of the missions of the scientists attached to the Zoological Park.

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