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: The funny comedy of Molière
Age :  from 8 years
Duration:  Until May 30
Location:   Saint Georges Theater (Paris 9th)
le Malade Imaginaire at the Saint-Georges theatre in Paris
  • Take back the Malade Imaginaire, the funniest of Molière's comedies, adapted here to please children as well as teenagers.
  • This piece, mounted last year at the Michel Theater, was a great success and it is repeated in the same direction, with the same troupe of comedians "Babouchka's Attic" at the Saint Georges Theater.
  • This Malade Imaginaire has been nominated at the Molières 2018 among the 4 best young audience shows. I have to say that this room has it all : lMolière's text, a hilarious staging by Jean-Philippe Daguerre and formidable actors.
  • Note that the theatre company "le Grenier de Babouchka" is also presenting another play by Molière at the Saint-Georges theatre, which we recommend: Les Fourberies de Scapin. Another idea for a family outing!
  • A show of 1h40
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