The children's café

  • WE LOVE : the atmosphere, the principle, the meetings
  • AMBIENCE: play and exchange
  • PLACE 92 bis, Quai de la Loire (Paris 19ème)

Cafézoïde is much more than a coffee

  • It is a friendly and family place to spend some good time with the children
  • It is a unique place in Parisa coffee of course, but above all a place of games and meetingswith a militant spirit
  • It is a real indoor playground for children with various workshops for children, teenagers and adults
  • The Cafézoïde is a friendly space where children can play and create and where parents can share their experiences
  • There is a nice mess at Cafézoïde! A forest of strollers, children running around, playing in all directions, toys abandoned on the floor or on the tables ...
  • You can have a drink or a good meal, but also make music or learn about art and computers, and much more
  • We come here especially to play and share a good time with our family

easy family recipes

Low cost drinks at Cafézoïde

  • Unique dish, with organic and fair trade products.
  • House specialties: vegetarian couscous, daal (an Indian lentil dish) and Lebanese mezzes.
  • Dish: 2.50 to 6 ?, desserts: 1.50 ?, drinks: 1.50 ?, mint tea: 1 ?

traditional restaurant in Paris


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Practical information

See schedule details From Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

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