Children's coffee

  • WE LOVE : the atmosphere, the principle, the meetings
  • AMBIENCE: play and exchange
  • PLACE 92 bis, Quai de la Loire (Paris 19ème)

Cafézoïde is much more than a coffee

  • It is a friendly and family place to spend some good time with the children
  • It is a unique place in Paris, a coffee certainly, but especially a place of games and meetingswith a militant spirit
  • It is a real indoor playground for children with various workshops for children, teenagers and adults
  • The Cafézoïde is a friendly space where children can play and create and where parents can share their experiences
  • There is a nice mess at Cafézoïde! A forest of strollers, children running around, playing in all directions, toys abandoned on the floor or on the tables ...
  • You can have a drink or a good meal, but also make music or learn about art and computers, and much more
  • We come here especially to play and share a good time with our family

easy family recipes

Consumption at a very low price at the Cafézoid

  • Unique dish, with organic and fair trade products.
  • House specialties: vegetarian couscous, daal (an Indian lentil dish) and Lebanese mezzes.
  • Dish: € 2.50 to € 6, desserts: € 1.50, drinks: € 1.50, mint tea: € 1

traditional restaurant in Paris


Danser exhibition at La Cité des Sciences de La Villette 2024


From July 2, 2024 to June 28, 2026

Practical information

View schedule details From Wednesday to Sunday from 10h to 18h.

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