Starting from 7 years old

The Cité de l'histoire, a museum under the Arche de La Défense

  • WE LOVE innovative technology at the service of education. A family immersion in history
  • WHERE At Puteaux - Sous l'Arche de la Défense - La Défense (92)
  • AGE : from 7 years old
  • DATE Tuesday to Sunday, all year round
  • HOURS 10 am to 7 pm (10 am to 9 pm Fridays and Saturdays)
  • NOCTURNE until 9pm, Fridays and Saturdays
  • CLOSE Monday
  • FREE for children under 7 years old
  • HIGHLIGHT : a catering area and a bookshop-boutique

This new private museum features 6000m2 under the Arche de La Défense. Its aim is to attract history buffs, without pretending to replace a museum or a visit to a monument. No works of art will be on display. Its fun and educational route is particularly aimed at the general public and to families who discover history thanks to advanced technology.

  • A world designed by decorator Jacques Garcia, where you can step right into breathtaking sets and scenes.
  • A 360° cinema called ellipse. 70 metres in circumference and 7 metres high
  • A 170-metre-long timeline of 2,500 years of historyall civilizations, all countries
  • Every month at the Cité de l'Histoire, eminent historians share their passion for the past. at conferences on various subjects. (consult the program on the school's website)

An unforgettable journey through time!

  • The immersive tour "The key to the centuries 40 minutes to be a privileged witness of great events
    • Continuously accessible, it's a journey through 17 rooms in 4 dimensions
    • a multi-sensory experience where you can feel temperatures, air currents, movements, humidity, hear sounds, touch textures, etc.
  • 360° ellipse Au temps des Mousquetaires' (In the time of the Musketeers) 15 min show (until April 5, 2024)
    • at videomapping, a 360° projection in a huge arena ellipse-shaped
    • to immerse yourself in the Paris of Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu, watch the Musketeers in training, and take in the social events! The show takes place several times a day
  • Follow the Timeline "Le couloir du Temps" and become an expert in history, it takes about 1h.
    • to discover the fgiant interactive digital rise 400 major dates in world history
    • The 26 touch terminals navigation and interactive projections full of surprises
    • and 15 periods of human history that you can choose from

An unprecedented immersion in history

  • The most innovative technologies were used for this immersive experience: video mapping, 360° elliptical projection...
  • An encounter with the great figures who have forged history, large and small, in the captivating secrets of humanity...
  • A space entirely dedicated to history, a universe inspired by different eras... all imagined by Franck Ferrand, directed by Thierry Rétif and produced by Amaclio Productions, a company renowned for its immersive historical shows.
  • It's a great experience to share with family and friends. children and teenagers !
Time of the Musketeers teaser - Cité de l'histoire

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