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The 2024 program
concert with children at the philharmonie de paris
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Concerts, workshops, stories... at the Philharmonie de Paris

Family Workshopsparticipatory concertsfamily concerts ... All music in all its forms ... The program is too varied to give the whole list.  Our advice : book very quickly because the places are not very expensive and leave very quickly. 

music for children at the Philharmonie de PAris


Concerts and shows invite the public to discover music in a variety of forms. Film-concerts, commented concerts, concerts Opus with audiovisual documentaries, shows mixing music, dance, theater, drawing or circus, musical tales... A large choice is offered to children and their parents. Some concerts are preceded by fun and friendly preparation workshops.


Preceded by one or more rehearsals, these concerts invite the audience to take an active part in the performance from the audience. They accompany the artists on stage by singing or playing excerpts of works prepared beforehand.


The concert-promenades are offbeat moments for a different kind of listening. They offer thematic mini-concerts and a musical workshop during the afternoon in all the spaces of the Museum. Each person can create his or her own itinerary, and they offer the opportunity to wander through a unique collection of instruments and works of art, while discovering a page of musical history.


Parents and children experience an intimate concert with the artists. Exploration of the instruments and interaction with the musicians immerse the audience in a moment of musical poetry for 40 minutes. An opportunity for parents to share their children's first musical emotions.

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