A timeless family weekend
In Seine-et-Marne (77)
June 1 and 2, 2024

France's biggest medieval festival, just 1 hour from Paris!

  • WE love a journey through history, a great family weekend
  • Age : for everyone
  • Where in Provins in Seine-et-Marne (77)
  • When June 1 and 2, 2024
  • schedule :
    • Saturday June 1st 9:30 a.m. to midnight
    • Sunday, June 2nd 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Free for children under 12
  • Prices 1 day: 12 € / 2 days: 16 € (pre-sale)

Reliving the Middle Ages with children, ideas in Paris and the Paris region

The 39th Médiévales de Provins will be held on June 1 and 2, 2024 in the medieval town of Provins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Considered France's biggest medieval festival, it attracts thousands of visitors every year

In the program : costumed parades, knights' tournaments, street performances, medieval music and dance.

For highlights : the traditional medieval ball on the Place du Châtel, a grand concert and the famous Sunday parade with some 700 participants in period costumes!

A bit like the great fairs of Thibaud de Champagne in the 12th century

In addition to the entertainment, the Médiévales de Provins also features a large market with over 300 craftsmen and merchants showcasing their products and ancestral know-how...

Surprise after surprise, fairies, troubadours, knights and fire-eaters, not forgetting traditional games, all the ingredients are in place for children to enjoy a fun-filled day. a great weekend of shows with your family!

Les Médiévales de Provins:
acrobats and crowd entertainers

  • Saturday June 1st
    • 9:30 a.m. - Opening of the event
    • 11h30 Inauguration of the Provins Medieval Festival
    • 17h30 Medieval ball 
    • 20h30 a grand concert of medieval music
  • Sunday, June 2 :
    • 9h30 Opening of the event
    • 15h : big costume parade 
    • 17h : final 

Free activities for children (bring a map of the town)

  • Farm -CIE Dovakhiin - camp :
    • Saturday and Sunday non-stop - Location: Cours aux Bêtes
    • Meet animals of ancient breeds at this medieval farm: donkeys, sheep, goats...
  • Goupil ou Face (L'Effet Railleur): street entertainment for children
    • Saturday: 2:30 p.m. / 5:30 p.m. - Sunday: 11 a.m. Location: Brébans gardens
    • A clownish retelling of the Roman de Renart! This show brings together two acrobats, jugglers, singers and actors! 
  • La Belle Roue street entertainment
    • Saturday and Sunday non-stop - Location: Place du châtel
    • Climb aboard this eco-friendly medieval attraction made entirely of European wood. A little subtlety: you'll have to put your muscles to the test to turn the wheel! 
  • The Goose Game street entertainment
    • Saturday and Sunday non-stop - Location: Jardin des Brébans
    • A life-size game of goose, made entirely of turned and carved wood! It's the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with the whole family! 
  • War and Chivalry: camp - children's activities
    • Saturday and Sunday non-stop - Location: Remparts ditches
    • With real armour in their size, children are invited to slip into the shoes of real knights! 
  • Machina Silente: street entertainment
    • Saturday at 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. and Sunday at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. - Location: Fossés des Remparts
    • With the help of the public and especially children, Coquillard and Pied-Gras will operate a collection of war machines: the Trébuchet with quarry wheel, the Couillard...
  • The Hidden Treasure of Hastein (Escape Box) participatory workshop, animation
    • Saturday and Sunday non-stop - Location : Cours aux Bêtes
    • Inspired by the Escape Game, the aim is to discover the location of Hastein's hidden treasure! All the riddles will be solved together
  • Comptoir de Fauchelevent : participatory workshop, animation
    • Saturday and Sunday non-stop - Location : Place St-Quiriace
    • A store full of powders, elixirs, decoctions and mysterious extracts to make bewitched objects with Daphne.


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