The 10th and 19th districts of Paris
A very nice area in Paris with a lot of activities for everyone

The canal Saint-Martin (which starts at the level of the Goncourt metro station) offers a nice walk, scooter or bike ride to the bassin de la Villette. The bassin de la Villette (800m long and 70m wide), remarkably developed in the last few years, attracts Parisians and tourists for its activities on the water (rental of small electric boats or the cruise on the Saint-Martin canal towards the Seine River towards the Orsay museum), its cinema (MK2 Quai de Seine), its bars, its restaurants or its bowling alley. It links the Saint-Martin canal and the Ourcq canal. After the Saint-Denis canal, you arrive at the urban park of La Villette, a huge complex with a superb park (with playgrounds for children and large lawns), of the Geode, from the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie or the Geode or the Zenith.

Ideas for outings and activities in this area

The other districts of Paris

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