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For all, from 4 years old

climbing gym in Paris

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a sporty and fun activity ideal for all ages
Age:  for all, from 4 years old
When:  every day from 8am to midnight, including public holidays (except December 25 and January 1)
Location:   Pigalle (Paris 18th)
Rate :  from 9? per session

Indoor climbing, an ultra complete and fun sport discipline

  • Indoor climbing is getting crazy trendy! It is the sport of the moment that climbs!
  • It climbs, it climbs, because it is accessible to all : young, old, beginners or experienced
  • It is a sport activity that mobilizes all the muscles, requires concentration and is very friendly
  • Climbing gyms, like the one proposed by Vertical'Art, democratize this sport. Goodbye harnesses, carabiners and ropes...
  • The goal? To reach the summit by following a route marked with holds of the same color. Orange, green, purple ... depending on your level
  • It is an ultra complete activity: a sport, a game


climbing activity child paris

Vertical Art for children and teenagers in Paris

Vertical'Art : the room open every day, for the whole family

Vertical'Art is :

  • 1000 m2 of climbing in the Montmartre district (Metro Pigalle)
  • A sport open to everyone from 4 to 77 years old ...
  • A room open 7 days a week from 8am to midnight
  • Thick foam mats to catch you in case of a fall
  • Animators to surround you
  • 150 different courses
  • Vertical'Art is also a place of life with a restaurant of 70 places, a sauna...

The 3 Vertical'Art formulas

  • The à la carte formula. You can choose to buy an entry for one session, the duration of which depends on you and your pleasure, for 10 sessions or for a monthly pass. All about rates here!
  • Courses for the year or punctually (from 4 years old). The courses are for climbers as well beginners as well as advanced,  and for all ages: classes for 4/7 year olds, for 8/10 year olds, for 11/14 year olds, for 15/17 year olds, not forgetting classes for parents too!
  • The summer internships. All information about courses and internships here!
  • The courses and the training courses are supervised by instructors state graduates and passionate about the art of the art.escalation.
  • Happy climbing!


an ideal sports activity for teenagers

practical information about the Vertical Art climbing gym

the bar restaurant of Vertical Art, the climbing gym in Paris

Practical information

    • Open 7 days a week, including holidays
    • Open from 8am to midnight

  • Timetable:
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    • Open 7 days a week, including holidays
    • Open from 8am to midnight

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