The wreath workshop

  • The 3D pen is a tool combining art and new technologies.
  • To create a 3D object, children or teenagers will be equipped This birthday formula was created by two passionate people of the floral universe, Céline and Mathieu who wanted to transmit their knowledge and their passion to children. A beautiful alchemy between an artisan flower seller and a creator of workshops for children and adults. The workshops take place in a space dedicated to flowers. They aim to develop the creativity of children.
  • It is a playful invitation in a warm and friendly atmosphere
  • We have fun, we laugh and we're going home with a very pretty crown...
  • The workshop Each child will make a beautiful wreath of flowers.
  • Age from 8 years old
  • Number of children : 6 children min. and 12 children max.
  • duration : 1h30 (for the workshop) + 30mn to 45mn approximately for the snack (optional)
  • When : Wednesday afternoons, Saturday afternoons, Sunday afternoons and every day during school holidays
  • Place in the 7th arrondissement in Paris (Ecole Militaire) or at the parents' home (in Paris or close suburb)
  • The animators : a bouquetist craftsman and a specialist in event creation

Practical information

  • Workshop Price 35€ / child (for 1h30 workshop)
  • Supplement for birthdays at home: 25 € for travel expenses
  • Formula taste *: 50 € for the group of children (cake + drink + candy) - Duration from 30mn to 45mn
  • Supplement for a personalized cake: 30€

* The snack formula is only available if the birthday is at the workshop in the 7th
* The parents can bring to the workshop the snack if they wish (taste at their expense).

Choose the date (and time) you would like to book this service. We will inquire about availability (response within 72 hours).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can parents stay during the birthday? Uh no ! It's just for kids
  • Is there a minimum of children for the birthday workshop?   Yes, 6 children min
  • How is the birthday at home? The facilitator comes to your home with his or her equipment and leads the workshop for 1h30
  • Where is the workshop?  At a florist in the 7th arrondissement in Paris

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