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  • WE LOVE : an outdoor family event
  • AGE:  for the whole family
  • DATE:  August 29 to September 13, 2020
  • LOCATION:   at the Parc Floral (Paris 12e)
  • FREE To benefit from free admission, give the password HORTUS at the entrance of the park
free event at the Parc Floral with the Dunois Theatre

The Dunois Theatre invites young and old in front of the Theatre du Parc Floral (in the Parc Floral de Paris) to discover 7 artistic proposals in the open air : concerts, sound and poetry walks, landscape installations and performances on the summer program!


  • August 29 and 30 at 2 and 3 pm : Contes bleus / Ensemble ALMAVIVA (Cie Cela Dit)
    A "blue tale" is a wonderful story with a happy ending. The stories are presented in the form of a kamishibai ("paper play" in Japanese), a travelling wooden theater with scrolling illustrations. The guitar underlines the stories told.
  • September 4 at 5pm and September 5 at 3pm : La Ballade des Semeurs (Cie du Porte-Voix)
    Three artists visit the figure of the sower and take the public on an "artistic walk" through the spaces of nature, punctuating the landscapes with musical and choreographic impromptus. Entering in resonance with the spaces they cross, they play with space and time, suspending, stretching, compressing? The public from the youngest age is invited to take part in this sensitive and artistic encounter.
  • September 5 at 2pm and 7pm and September 6 at 10am and 12pm
    Un jardin pour demain : the collective "i am a bird now" creates a sound piece based on the children's book written by Gilles Clément and Vincent Gravé : Un jardin pour demain. (Ed Cambourakis). "Alongside the character of the gardener, we cross the ages and the continents, to discover the origin of vegetables, their cultures, their seasonality and the art of accommodating them.
  • September 5 at 6pm and September 6 at 11am : Who grows (Lunatic Co.)
    This show for young audiences, a cross between circus, object theater and visual arts, plunges young and old into a moving visual material, in constant transformation, in the hollow of a tangle of bamboo and cotton threads. Echoing each other, bodies and structures mutate, blossoming from white to color, while voices progress towards language, from inarticulate cries to harmonious songs in an imaginary language.
  • September 12 at 2pm and September 13 at 11am and 2pm
    Le Jardin (Ensemble ALMAVIVA / Cie Cela Dit) | For a few days now, Annick, the janitor of the botanical garden, has not been doing very well. How to make her smile again? Bonzo the squirrel, Kiko the hedgehog, Venus the ladybug, Lola the frog... and Vincent the writer get together to find a solution. Throughout the seasons, the story deals with the themes of difference and disability. Two musicians create a sound universe where noises and animal cries become musical material to enter into dialogue with the text.OrphéeForms outside the walls of the text "Death is only death if love survives it" by Jean-Pierre Siméon.
  • September 12 and 13 at 6:00 p.m. (Cie Rêve Mobile)
    Three actors will meet the spectators in order to transmit to them the most important moments of Orpheus' life. Each episode will plunge the spectator into a very different universe, interspersed with song and dance. From the birth of his vocation as a poet, to the prodigies he accomplishes, through his love affair with Eurydice, his attempt to find her in the underworld, and then his own death, the destiny of Orpheus fascinates and amazes and questions us about the notion of courage.


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