Tickets valid for the Parc Astérixincluding the Toutatis attraction
(Free for children under 3 years)

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New at Parc Asterix: Toutatis, a unique attraction in the world!

In the desire to offer more and more thrills to its visitors, the Parc Astérix will propose in spring 2023 an original attraction, the highest and fastest in France! 

  • The Toutatis Festival includes a unique attraction that will seduce thrill seekers : with a height of 51 metersThis roller coaster installed in the "Gaul" thematic zone will undoubtedly delight speed lovers with its 107 km/h !
  • This new area with its exceptional scenography will be completed withan attraction for the youngest, a playgrounda restaurant and a souvenir store
  • A new complete thematic area 3 hectares in a wooded area (ideal to find a little freshness this summer)

Abraracourcix must go to the Tumulus of Toutatis with the inhabitants of the village to watch over the festival organized in honor of the god Toutatis whose enormous mascot is enthroned in the middle of the square. The worship will have to pass through the "Ritual of Courage", the biggest attraction of the area. Hold on to your hats!

  • For older children (from 130 cm)You will have to face the "Ritual of Courage": departure in a tumulus to climb aboard the carts: this new and long-awaited attraction is a roller coaster ride (a roller coaster with magnetic catapults for the pros) which, with its 51 meters height and its 110 km speed, makes it the highest and the fastest in France! 32 figures : 3 inversions, 4 magnetic launches (European record) and the world record of 23 sensations of weightlessness (airtimes) Seatbelt and helmet mandatory of course!
  • For the whole family (child alone 120cm or 105cm accompanied): the little Gauls can go to "Chez Gyrofolix" and discover a calmer attraction: taking place in one of the four gondolas, the little ones will also test their courage in the big arms of this ingenious and hypnotic attraction 
  • The "Sanglier d'Or" playground will allow you to let off steam and develop your sense of observation to find the medals hidden in a course full of pitfalls. 
  • "Au Dolmen Gourmand - restaurant / snacking it is a space of 200 places to feast and burgers and cervoise find their place in the menu
  • Finally, the environment includes a souvenir store where you can find a photo of the Courage test that you have successfully completed.

The Parc Asterix, it's always...

  • Sensations to share with the family : 35 km away in the north of ParisThe Parc Asterix, in the Oise region, is an explosive mix of 50 attractions and shows staged in 6 universes retracing the adventures of the famous Gaul Gaul, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Egypt, the Vikings and Through Time.
  • The Gaulish summer A tailor-made adventure to make the most of a typically Gallic summer: challenges for young and old, attractions for all tastes, entertainment... Splashes are guaranteed during this eventful season (Of July 14th to September 2, 2023 / (Every evening, open until 10 pm)
  • The Gaulish parade Asterix: meet the emblematic characters of the Asterix adventures in a warm and musical atmosphere. In 2023, the parade will be completed with a new float on the theme of pirates
  • It's time for the final banquet Who has never dreamed of living this mythical comic strip square? Enjoy a 100% Gaulish banquet in the form of an animated dinner in the heart of the Village of the Irreducible Gauls (requires the purchase of a specific ticket)

The best attractions of Asterix Park

For the older ones

  • The big Splatch : after a trip full of aquatic effects, go down the final descent of 11 meters!
  • Caesar's spies : embark in a monorail in the colors of the Roman legion and overhang the park
  • The oxygenarium : in a whimsical scenery, board a family buoy to enjoy the 195 meter downhill toboggan ride
  • National 7 : do your toddlers dream of driving like you? let them take the wheel to discover funny and unexpected scenes.

For the youngest

  • Oziris : Lighthouse attraction park, embark for this big eight where you will have your feet in the void, guaranteed sensations !
  • Goudurix Another roller coaster, where you can link loops and spins, one of the most "stunning" roller coasters in Europe
  • The trace of Hooray a new version of the bobsleigh "made in Gaul", which hurtles down a high course at 60 km/h
  • Thunder of Zeus : totally designed in wood, its 30 meters height will impress the most adventurous, under the eye of Zeus. Lightning!

Warning: for some attractions, you must respect a minimum size, check before you start that the whole family is above

? On the Park: shivers and laughter guaranteed ?

  • From September 30 to November 5, 2023come and see us celebrate Halloween at the Parc Astérix
  • Parc Asterix is transformed with the terribly irresistible event Fear in the Park.
  • Spooky encounters, transformed attractions and new shows. There's something for everyone! 
  • The most adventurous will be able to discover the brand new thrill zone: The Curse of Sirius!
  • You'll also find haunted houses that are already a cult, 3 fear zones for the whole family: Little Shiver, Moderate Scare and Big Scare, and monstrous creatures walking around the park. 
  • Discover the animations for the little Gauls: walks full of pitfalls, workshops, funny and terrifying sceneries and much more! 
  • On October 7 and 14, enjoy the Park until 10 pm (1). 
  • On October 21, 28, 29, 30 and 31 and November 4, attend our wild nights (2). 

"The Park reserves the right to modify its program as well as its opening calendar according to the evolution of sanitary measures.

? A unique Gaulish Christmas ?

  • From December 23 to January 7, 2023come and see us celebrate Christmas at the Parc Astérix
  • To celebrate Christmas, the Gallic diehards have proposed a truce to the Romans, with the help of snow-covered menhirs, crazy animations, completely frosted decorations and Christmas music. Dive into the world of Christmas at Parc Asterix. 
  • Exclusive animations are waiting for you: 
    • Discover "Tous en Piste, the snow sports village", which includes an ice rink, a children's area and sledging slopes.
    • Take a stroll through the Christmas market. Leave with your souvenir photo of Santa Claus!
    • Finally, to close your day, attend the final show of sound, light and pyrotechnics: "The island of wishes". 

?? Stay in the hotels of the park Asterix ??


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