From 10 years
  • WE LOVE A breathtaking performance by the actors, an intense adaptation of Alexandre Dumas's famous novel that will make every child want to read it.
  • AGE : from 10 years
  • DATE : until February 25, 2024
  • DURATION: 1:30
  • LOCATION: at the Théâtre de l'Essaïon (Paris 4th arrondissement)
  • In 1815, on the eve of his wedding in the port of Marseille, young Edmond Dantès is about to be named captain of a ship, is accused of treason against the emperor by jealous rivals...
  • For 14 long years, Edmond Dantès was unjustly imprisoned. in an impregnable fortress: château d'If
  • His cellmate, Abbé Faria, gives him hope and reveals the location of a treasure sure Monte Cristo Island
  • Edmond Dantès plots revenge and finally succeeds in sto escape from his prison...
  • Once free, and having found the treasure, it is under the name of the Count of Monte-Cristo that he will carry out his revenge ...

This play is an adaptation of theAlexandre Dumas' huge literary success that has stood the test of time and continues to enthrall the very young. A quest, adventure and twists and turns...

"The Count of Monte Cristo is a show by the "Les âmes libres" company, directed by Richard Arselin. It was a real hit with 2017 audiences at the Festival Off d'Avignon.

The press speaks about it

TELEMA - "In one breath, three actors embody a whole gallery of characters, with a coat as their only set and prop. A show with a breathless rhythm, carried by three energetic, magnetic presences." 
FRANCE Ô - "Mémô recommends the play "Le Comte de Monte Cristo", Alexandre Dumas' masterpiece, brought to life by the intensity of Guadeloupean actor Franck Etenna...a classic to be rediscovered with the whole family, aged 10 and over... "
FOR WHICH AUDIENCE - Quite simply, a favorite. This Comte de Monte Cristo manages to delight fans of Alexandre Dumas' novel while whetting the appetite of others to discover it. This double feat is due solely to the accuracy of the actors and the ingenuity of the adaptation."

"LE COMTE DE MONTE-CRISTO" Les Âmes Libres - Trailer - Festival d'Avignon Off 2017

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