The Little Gallery, the space dedicated to the Louvre's artistic and cultural education for children, is interested with "Théâtre du Pouvoir" at link between art and political power from antiquity to the present day.

Theater of Power: Art at the service of power

The exhibition shows the links that power has with art:

Theater of Power shows how from antiquity to the present day art has been used as a tool of communication by the power. The exhibition also shows how art can become a propaganda tool when he is in the service of power. Sovereigns and artists have always maintained close relations. It is this relationship that this exhibition explores throughsome forty emblematic works.
President Emmanuel Macron, advancing alone on the evening of his election in the courtyard of the Louvre to be cheered by the crowd, has continued the tradition according to which to govern is to foresee that the media will be there. Under Louis XIV, the strategies of propaganda were not so far apart. Communicators of power then used oil paint!

An exhibition conceived in 4 stages:

"Theater of Power", with a beautiful scenography restoring the atmosphere of ceremony, is very educational. The exhibition is conceived in 4 stages: the Prince's figures, propaganda, the ancient world, the insignia of power. The first room presents the different "figures of the prince", from the king-builder to the priest-king. The second room highlights the figure of Henry IV, both king in search of legitimacy and style. The third room focuses on the "antique model". The last room includes the "insignia of power". Throughout the exhibition, 3D scanning, animations, slideshows, cartels and digital serials make the visit very lively.

The Petite Galerie: the Louvre's educational space for young audiences

The Petite Galerie du Louvre offers an alternative to the Louvre's classic visit for young audiences. Starting from the observation that the Louvre can be perceived as too big, too imposing, poorly adapted to both children and teens, the Louvre Museum has opened this space especially for young audiences - beautiful colors, simple graphics, neat lighting. From now on every year "Little Gallery" explores a cross-cutting theme thanks to major works from prehistory to contemporary creation. It is about raising awareness of the young audience through a singular encounter with various works of art. Each year, an exhibition presents, around a chosen theme, some forty original and multidisciplinary works, from the collections of the Louvre and also from other national museums. In our opinion, the Petite Galerie is also very suitable for the older ones!

Practical information

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