October 2, 2021 - FREE

The Nuit Blanche is an event that takes place every year in October, the time toan evening or one night. It is a cultural, playful and free nocturnal wandering. On this occasion, many museums and public places are open all or part of the night, free of charge.

This year, the theme of Nuit Blanche aims to put bodies in motion by bringing together art and sport. The audience is no longer a simple spectator. It must participate with its body, move, experiment, interact, dance...

By taking place in new places, such as a swimming pool or a church, Nuit Blanche aims at the widest possible audience to show that art is not confined to the museum or the theater and that the symbolic borders of culture have no place during Nuit Blanche.

And of course, it is like every year, a free event !

The program of the Nuit Blanche is not yet fully revealed.

For the Family program, click here.

white night 2021 in family

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