Immersive and happy journey to the land of the Smurfs

EXPO "The Smurf Experience

  • WE LOVE : an immersive journey to the land of the Smurfs and for the older ones the final flight on the back of a stork 
  • AGE : for all, from 2 years old
  • DATE: until 20 October 2019
  • LOCATION: Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles (Paris 15th)
Poster of the Smurf experience at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

The Smurf experience, a smurf adventure!

  • It's about a immersive and participative experience who transports you to the enchanted forest and leads you to become a smurf!
  • Life-size sets, holograms and virtual reality immerse you in the life of a Smurf village. You will meet of course Smurfette, Smurf with Glasses or even Smurf Costaud to name but a few. Come and live a Smurf's life, at the height of 1,20m.
  • Gradually ds room in room, you become more and more smurf; you speak smurf, you are about the size of a smurf, you are a smurf
  • Stork flying is the ultimate highlight of the Smurf Experience. This is a virtual reality 3D experience. For 7 minutes on a stork you cross a magic forest to return to the village of Smurfs. It's simply stunning!

The Smurf experience, an exhibition created for 60 years of the Smurfs

  • The Smurfs were created in 1958 by the Belgian designer Peyo.
  • The exhibition "The Smurf experience" was conceived for the occasion and was first shown in Brussels where it welcomed more than 250,000 visitors.
  • Since then, this exhibition meets all Smurf fans and tours around the world.
  • The little ones will love to visit the village of the Smurfs, look through the windows of houses, watch the holograms and play with the suspension bridge or the slide.
  • The older ones will love the stork ride!

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