Theatre - ideal from 12 years old
  • WE LOVE : Jubilatory, funny, original, imaginative
  • AGEideal from 12 years old
  • DATES until August 19, 2023
  • DURATION : 1H30
  • PLACE Théâtre des Béliers Parisiens (Paris 18e)

THE STORY TELLER: the jubilant and inventive play

  • The Bearer of History is the first piece of Alexis Michalik, the young prodigy of contemporary French dramaturgy.
  • Great success very deserved for this piece that won 2 Molières: that of the staging and that of the best author.
  • The Bearer of History, it's a story in history, in history, in history ... around Alexandre Dumas, but we also meet Marie Antoinette, or Delacroix ...
  • It is funny, imaginative, original and led drum beat by the actors who pass happily from one character to another, from one place to another, from one era to another.
  • It's a clever play, full of twists and turns, intrigue and historical and literary references. 
  • A 1H30 show
The Story Bearer, the great play for teens

We love all Alexis Michalik's plays

  • Alexis Michalik, has the talent to make the theater love the young audience.
  • Today all his pieces are successes and one is a fan.
  • His style, very personal is flamboyant and virtuoso.
  • Alexis Michalik multiplies fearlessly characters and intrigues intersect in his plays. We are captivated by the stories that are told to us, winks to literature and history of France.

His three plays "The Bearer of Stories", "The Circle of Illusionists" and "Edmond", Although very different in substance, are based on the same principle of Russian dolls. His stories fit together to tell a story inspired by history! Each of his 3 pieces have won several Molières.

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