The most colorful race in the world
No date announced for 2022

The Color Run, 2020 edition

  • WE LOVE : it's sporty but above all fun, colorful and funny
  • AGE: for everyone (family event), you just need to know how to walk
  • DATE: March 29, 2020
  • HOURS:
  • FREE for children under 10 years old
  • LOCATION: in Paris
the color run 2020 in Paris


  • It has become a must-see event for running enthusiasts (or walking), but above all lovers of parties and good times with friends and family. 
  • It is ideal a good weatherBut if it rains, it's not a big deal, we get wet and have fun!
  • A 5km course by running or walking in Paris. You are not here to "make a time" but to have fun, laugh and share a good moment high in color!
  • We start with of animations (before the start): dance fitness, photobooth, sports coaching, fanfare? Every kilometer, colour projectionand to finish in beauty, musicanimations, grouped color throws and even a foodtruck for those who are a little hungry


  • TOWARDS A RESPONSIBLE EVENT THE COLOR RUN tries to answer in the course of the new Territorial Climate Air and Energy Plan 2020-2030 at most by using reusable and recyclable products and facilitiesand by sorting and recycling the waste from the race.
  • To go further in their approach, The Color Run relies on the efforts and awareness of all. Provision of bi-flow garbage cans in order to sort all the waste, request of the environment and to preserve the cleanliness of the places and by using the municipal garbage cans.
  • DURING THE RACE, it is strictly forbidden to throw waste on the banks or in the Seine.
  • AT THE FESTIVAL:  bins will be available to sort recyclable water bottles100% on one side and bins for the rest on the other.

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