400 shots, the restaurant waiting for children
Paris 12e
  • WE LOVE : it's simple and really very good. Kid friendly atmosphere
  • SPECIALTIES : seasonal cuisine
  • AMBIENCE: good child
  • CHILD'S MENU : yes ! The weekend
  • BUDGET : around 15€
  • PLACE at the Cinémathèque (Paris 12ème)

The products are always in season, fresh and often organic

  • At the 400 coups, you will find a market cuisine, in a pleasant and spacious setting, all directly on the park of Bercy.
  • The restaurant is located at the entrance of the Cinémathèque de Paris
  • The food is delicious, fresh and homemade.
  • For children, special kid's menu, simple, efficient and good (grenadine, pasta bolognese and chocolate cake).
  • Sunday brunch (23 € for adults and 12 € for children).

400 strokes

At 400 shots, we expect the children!

  • Play area with shadow box, Kapla, giant slate and books.
  • The children have their own space in a small room behind the restaurant.
  • Everything is designed to welcome children with deckchairs and high chairs for babies and board games for their elders.
  • Parents' peace of mind is assured!
  • Moreover, the restaurant is ideally located, on the ground floor of the Cinémathèque with the very pleasant Bercy Park in front of it.

traditional restaurant in Paris


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Practical information

View schedule details Monday from 11h to 15h30. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 11h to 20h. Saturday from 11 am to 22h. Sunday from 11h to 19h. Closed on Tuesdays.

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