A beautiful birds of prey show in Provins
  • WE love : an impressive show in a magnificent setting
  • Age :  4 years
  • Dates:  from 05/06/2024 to 03/11/2024
  • duration : 40mn
  • Location:  in Provins (77)
  • Free : for children under 4 years old
  • Family Pack (2 adults and 2 children)

Plunge into the heart of the Middle Ages with the exceptional show Les Aigles des Remparts in Provins! In the Théâtre des Remparts, discover the ancestral art of falconry on horseback and let yourself be carried away by an enchanting show...

This enchanting show transports you into the world of falconry, from the steppes of Central Asia through the Near East to the feudal lords. You'll discover the fascinating flying skills of birds of prey.

Marvel at the majesty of the eagles, the agility of the buzzards and kites, the swiftness of the falcon, the elegance of the serpentine, the soft flight of the owls, the elegance of the serpentine and the soaring flight of the vultures...

Highlights of this show

  • Flying in harmony with the horses: This amazing aerial ballet of free-flying birds of prey, in harmony with our horses, will leave unforgettable memories for young and old alike.
  • Visit the aviary : After the show, visit part of the aviary for a closer look at these birds of prey.

Practical information

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