Sorties pédagogiques et ludiques à Paris (pour les 6 à 12 ans)

Schools (primary level), leisure centres, youth centres, youth centres, town halls, CE...

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These guided tours and Escape Games have been designed for children from 7 years old. These outings are aimed at school (primary / cycle 2 and cycle 3 / start of secondary school) or non-school (youth centres, associations, leisure centres, weddings, private works councils) They are intended to introduce children to Paris in a fun and educational wayThey are animated by guide speakers used to young audiences. They last an hour and a half. They are available all year round, including during school holidays.


These Escape Games aim to introduce children to Paris by playing and solving puzzles related to a district or to the history of Paris. These Escape Games develop a sense of orientation and observation.They are cultural, educational and fun.
<noscript><img src=The escape game "Les secrets du Marais" (middle school, high school)">

The escape game "Les secrets du Marais" (middle school, high school)

  • Escape game outside in the Marais
  • Cycle 4 and high school level
  • Duration 1h30 - Course 2 km
  • Difficulty: +

<noscript><img src=The Escape Game "The Secrets of the Covered Passages" (middle school, high school)">

The Escape Game "The Secrets of the Covered Passages" (middle school, high school)

  • On the Grands Boulevards (2nd and 9th)
  • Level end of cycle 3, cycle 4 and high school
  • Up to about 24 young people
  • Difficulty: +


Invader Picasso dans le Marais

When Street Art tells the story of The Marsh...

  • Districtthe Marais district
  • Meeting place : metro Saint-Michel
  • Age : suitable for all age groups
  • WE love the ideal neighbourhood to tackle the theme of Street Art
The objective of the tour guide will be to tell the story of the Marais with the support of Street Art and Space Invaders. It is an interactive visit, a real hunt for Space Invaders and Street Art. A very amusing educational outing.

When Street Art tells the story of Montmartre

  • DistrictMontmartre (up and down)
  • Meeting place : métro “Abbesses”  
  • WE love an interactive tour that catches the children's attention
During the visit, the tour guide will give the children riddles and clues to help them progress along the way, and will tell fun anecdotes about Montmartre and famous painters such as Picasso and Renoir or the writer Marcel Aymé who played an important role in this district. A very fun way to discover the Montmartre district.
street art dans le quartier de la Butte aux Cailles

The Street Art of the Butte aux Cailles

  • Districtthe bucolic 13th district
  • Meeting place : Corvisart metro
  • WE love : little car, ideal with young children
This guided tour in a charming and bucolic district aims toawakening children to Street Art and Street Art underneath all his representations. A visit much appreciated by teachers and facilitators for thequiet environment and countryside in Parisa little out of the Parisian hustle and bustle. Very suitable for young audiences.

Street Art in Belleville

  • Districtthe working-class neighborhood of the 20th
  • Meeting place : Belleville metro station (line 2 and 11)
  • Age : suitable for all age groups
  • WE love the ideal neighbourhood to tackle the theme of Street Art
It is one of the richest and most interesting neighborhoods to see Street Art in. in Paris. Street Art with its graffiti, drawings, collages It is a real "spot" where artists express themselves with often ephemeral works.
street art à Paris dans le 1"ème arrondissement

Les Grandes Fresques du 13ème

  • Districtle 13ème
  • Meeting place :
  • WE love : un quartier métamorphosé par le Street Art



The Republican Guard Cavalry
Quartier Célestins

  • Where :  à la caserne dans le 4ème
  • Age : primaire / collège / lycée
  • duration : 1h30 / En indoor
  • WE love : les enfants vont découvrir le lieu d’entraînement des cavaliers de la Garde républicaine
  • Warning : Min. de facturation : 20 /pers. – Max par groupe : 25 /pers.
Guided tour : la salle de traditions dédiée à l’histoire de la Garde Républicaine de 1802 à nos jours et aménagée dans une ancienne écurie, le manège (superbe structure type Eiffel) où s’entrainent les cavaliers, la Grande Ecurie et l’Ecurie de l’Etat-major. Le guide expliquera aux enfants les caractéristiques des majestueux chevaux.
The place : cette caserne a été construite en 1895. Elle abrite aujourd’hui l’état-major et le régiment de cavalerie de la Garde Républicaine et 140 chevaux du 1er escadron et de la fanfare de cavalerie.
vue aérienne du stade de France

Behind-the-scenes tour of the Stade de France

  • Whereat the Stade de France in Saint-Denis
  • Age all levels (age and school)
  • WE love A visit that will delight football fans (and others).
  • Warning Min. invoicing: 20 /pers. - Max. per group: 40 /pers.
The guided tour gives access to The guide will tell you about the history of the stadium, its construction, its events (not only sporting) and will give you amusing and unusual anecdotes about the Stade de France.
la visite guidée Paris dans les déssins animés

Paris in cartoons

  • DistrictPont au Double, Parvis de Notre-Dame, le Pont Neuf, Place de l'Opéra, rue Scribe
  • Meeting place : metro Cardinal Lemoine (5th)
  • Age : Up to 10 years approx.
  • WE love : an ideal theme to tell children about Paris
This very fun visit addresses the theme of cartoons whose story takes place in Paris.
Children will discover the places that inspired such famous cartoons as Ratatouille at Pixar, the Aristochats or the Hunchback of Notre-Dame at Disney Studios, and the guide will tell them about Anastasia, Remy the Cook or Francoeur in Un Monstre à Paris.

The two guided tours "Ancient Paris" and "Paris at the time of the Troubadours" are limited to 20 children in costume. Beyond 20 children, the visits are not in costume. The guided tour ends with a small tournament between the children (some costumes, about 5 to 6, can be proposed to the children for this small playful challenge at the end of the visit).

visite costumée pour les enfants dans Paris

The "Ancient Paris" Costume Tour

  • DistrictOur Lady of Paris, the Sainte Chapelle, the Berges de Seine on the side of the Ile de la Cité and the Ile Saint Louis.
  • Meeting place : metro Jussieu
  • Age up to about 10 years
  • WE love a visit as in the time of Lutetia.
With the guide, the children will discover the Ancient Paris the Latin Quarter: the arenas of Lutetia which were used as a fighting space for gladiators, the famous Cluny thermal baths, ancient baths used by the Roman citizens... We start 50 Av. Jesus Christ and walk around during the 1st century.

The "Paris in the time of the knights" costume tour.

  • DistrictOur Lady of Paris, the Sainte Chapelle, the Berges de Seine on the side of the Ile de la Cité and the Ile Saint Louis.
  • Meeting place : metro Saint-Michel
  • Age : Up to 10 years approx.
  • WE love a visit like in the time of Troubadours
The children will review the history of France and medieval Paris in a playful way through a visit of a historic district that marked this period. Complete costumes of knights or countesses will be lent to the children (up to 20 children max.) The visit ends with a small tournament.

bronze au jardin des Tuileries

The "Mythology in the Tuileries" track game tour.

  • Placethe Tuileries Garden
  • Animated by guide speakers, specialists in children's issues.
  • Age from 6/7 years old / Duration : 1h30 / Outdoors
  • WE love A fun and exciting visit in a beautiful setting.
  • Hercules, Nemea, Apollo and Hippomena will be the heroes of this visit.The children will tremble before the Minotaur, will discover... the myth of Apollo and Daphne... and will cross in the Tuileries garden with the muses of antiquity...
  • All of these characters are part of a world of mythical creatures which the children will discover during the visit...
  • Children, with the help of a small activity bookletwill get to know the great mythological heroes who hide many secrets. They will pretend to get lost like Theseus in the garden maze...


As these two visits are in the same geographical area, they can be organized for the same group, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

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